Range Notifications






  • "Any proposed operations in the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range (R 2507) that include personnel on deck requires 60 day notification to Yuma Skeds accompanied by a Scheme of Maneuver/Overview.   Director, MCAS Yuma Range Management concurrence will be required prior to approval of any airspace or ground RFMSS requests.  Exceptions: MAWTS-1, EOTG and 3rd MAW."
  • Restriction:  Agua Caliente Airport, owned and operated by the County of San Diego, located at 32°57′22″N 116°17′44″W with elevation of 1,220 ft.  This airfield is "OFF LIMITS" to all military aircraft (to include rotor and tilt-rotor aircraft).  For more information please contact Mr. Steve Lippert at 760-339-2616.

 TIME CHANGE – Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 2:00 am Daylight Savings Time ends.  At that time California will be one hour behind Arizona.  All ranges, whether in California or Arizona are scheduled in Arizona Local Time.  Ensure your range request times are adjusted to reflect the time change.  (Arizona to Zulu = AZ Local + 7 / California to Zulu = CA Local +8) 


  • Until further notice, aircraft in transit to or from MOA's, warning areas, restricted areas, and all other special use airspace, will not transmit link 16 to the max extent practical unless required for safety of flight.
  • Once inside MOA's, warning areas, restricted areas, and all other special use airspace, all ER0G platforms shall advise Yuma Range of their use of Link 16.
  • Aircrew shall be prepared to terminate Link 16 transmissions if asked by controlling agency to "Cease Link 16 operations."  Aircrew will also terminate Link 16 upon spill out of special use airspace.
  • DOD Range Control/ATC shall proactively notify the FAA when compliance with this criteria has been violated to allow for the agency to respond with emergency instructions to nearby Non-DOD, non-participating aircraft.


 RFMSS Range Requests, Per StaO 3710.6_ Pg. 3-4, Sec. 3., Para. C states:  Once a request has been submitted, follow-up tracking on the status is the responsibility of the requesting unit and tracking of the request may be performed via the RCNI. An RCNI assignment does NOT constitute approval/reservation of the request. It is the user’s responsibility to check their pending requests periodically until a reservation or other action has been made.

  • ​RFMSS Training - Units or personnel requiring any training in the use or implementation of RFMSS, contact Yuma Range Scheduling via email at, or call DSN 269-/2215 or Commercial (928)269-2215.
  • Knowingly not showing up for your range and giving co-use is wrong.  If not using your range you cannot give a co-use.  It is a “No-Show”, for your unit, which negatively impacts your utilization report percentage.  If giving the range to another unit, you shall cancel your range time.  If the range time is on the same day, you must call Yuma Range to cancel.  You cannot cancel same day ranges in RFMSS.  The unit requesting the range shall submit a request in RFMSS.

R-2507 North:

  • R-2507 North – Range Closure –  February 2 - 4, 2022 – The R-2507 North will be closed during this period for range maintenance and target insert for Winter Fury Exercise.  Due to personnel on the range and explosive operations taking place, there will be no flights below 6,000 ft MSLNo ordnance and no laser operations will be authorized throughout the closure.
  • R-2507 North – Target 15N Hazard  There are three permanent camera towers emplaced for scoring/BDA.  These towers are 60 feet AGL, UNLGTD, and at the following coordinates outside the 15N polygon target area:  TWR-1 -33°19’29”, -115°23’53”/ 11S PS 49104 88431, TWR-2 -33°18’00”, -115°24’30”/ 11S PS 48189 85676, TWR-3 33°18’21”, -115°23’37”/ 11S PS 49550 86343.  All aviators are to proceed through this location with “CAUTION”.  For additional information contact Mr. Alan Veasey DSN 269- 2214/5575, or Leg Iron 928- 269-7080.