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R-2507 North

    Range Notifications

    Per the AP/1 DoD Fight Information Publication Area Planning North and South America page 3-172, paragraph 7, all Pilots "shall" check this website for safety of flight range notifications and restrictions within the Restricted Areas R-2507, R-2301W, and R-2512.




    To view the Yuma SOP and JO 7400, click on the links below.


    MCAS Yuma Range SOP StaO 3710.6J   


    JO 7400.10D Special Use Airspace February 16, 2022 




    R-2512 Obstruction - East of the R-2512  and South of US Highway 78, at the following coordinates: N 32.97334 W -115.173401 or MGRS 11S PS 70696 49813 there is a permanent tower constructed (Currently Unlighted).  This tower is 200 feet AGL.  All aviators are to proceed through this location with CAUTION.  For additional information contact Yuma Range Scheduling at 928-269-2214/15 or Alex Schlumpberger, BLM El Centro Field, Office C:442-283-0177.