Range Notifications

Per the AP/1 DoD Flight Information Publication Area Planning North and South America page 3-172, paragraph 7, all Pilots "shall" check this website each and every time a Pilot enters the ranges for safety of flight range notifications and restrictions within the Restricted Areas R-2507, R-2301W, and R-2512.


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Contact Information:

MCAS Yuma Range Director Bill Sellars

(928) 269-2405 DSN 269-2405

Range Training Officer MCAS Yuma Jon Gordon

(928) 269-6488 DSN 269-6488

MCAS Yuma Range Scheduling 
Fax 928-269-2216 

Leg Iron (Range Control) 928-269-7080
Hours of Operation for Leg Iron - 
Due to reduced manning, Yuma Range - Leg Iron temporary hours of operation are as follows: Mon-Fri 0630-2300L and Sat-Sun 0630-1700L until June 4th 2023.  Then will change to Mon-Fri 0530-2300L Sat-Sun 0630-1700L from June 5th until October 27th 2023.  Ground Personnel training on range will be placed in Bivouac Status prior to Leg Iron shutdown.  Ground units will be authorized to transition to a training status once positive 2 way communication is established, with Leg Iron, the following morning.  Aviation Ordnance Expenditures and/or Laser operations will not be authorized on the Cactus West/Yodaville Targets when Leg Iron is closed.  Aviation ordnance expenditures and/or Laser Operations are authorized in the R2507, 24 hours/day.  Ordnance Delivery authorized in R2512, 24 hours/day.

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Range Scheduling

Yuma Range SOP 3710.6J, Chapter 3, Page 3-8, Para. c - Any changes, cancellations, or new requests must be submitted in RFMSS no later than 1500 Yuma local (Monday thru Thursday). For weekend and/or holiday training, the deadline is 1400 Friday (or 1400 the business day prior to the holiday).  Requests made after these deadlines will not be approved and will not be reflected on the fire desk on the following day.  d. Same-day RFMSS requests are authorized; however, only the fire desk will approve real-time, non-live-fire events.  Accordingly, if the 1400 (Yuma local) Friday deadline is missed for training desired for the weekend or the following Monday, the unit shall wait until the morning of training to submit a same-day RFMSS request. The same-day request shall be followed up by a phone call to LEG IRON at (928) 269-7080.

When checking into, around, and off ranges all Aircrews shall have positive 2-Way radio Communication with Yuma Range Control (YUMA ATC) on the following frequencies: 276.0 UHF or 124.15 VHF *No Ordnance deliveries or lasing shall be authorized without positive 2-Way Radio Communication. POC MCAS Yuma Range Operations Jon Gordon 928-269-6488 or Tiffany Rhinehart 928-269-2215.

Primary Air Frequency 310.0
Secondary Air Frequency 141.85

Ground FM 40.83 

Frequency Card

Range Facilty Management Support System

(RFMSS Rif-Miss) 

Outlook Web App (OWA)

TIME CHANGE - Daylight Savings Time ends November 5th 2023.  Due to the time change, California will then be one hour behind Arizona.  All Yuma ranges are always scheduled in Arizona Local Time (MST).  Ensure your range request times are adjusted to reflect the time change, otherwise take the chance of your range not being properly scheduled.  (Arizona to Zulu = AZ Local + 7 / California to Zulu = CA Local + 7).
New Information

R-2301 West – TACTS Lo - There is a is a Tower Obstruction at 32.490491, -113.882442 or 12S TA 29149 98467 with an inoperable obstruction light at 199’ AGL.  Please be advised to avoid this location, especially during night time.  No confirmed operational timeframe is available at this time.  Please continue to check this website for updates.