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Range Notifications

Per the AP/1 DoD Flight Information Publication Area Planning North and South America page 3-172, paragraph 7, all Pilots "shall" check this website each and every time a Pilot enters the ranges for safety of flight range notifications and restrictions within the Restricted Areas R-2507, R-2301W, and R-2512.


Please refresh (F5 key) your screen at least 3 times to ensure the latest version of the Range Notification Webpage displays.  Your CPU Cache Memory may hold older versions.

Contact Information:



MCAS Yuma Range Director Bill Sellars

(928) 269-2405 DSN 269-2405


Range Training Officer MCAS Yuma Jon Gordon

(928) 269-6488 DSN 269-6488 


MCAS Yuma Range Scheduling 
Fax 928-269-2216 

Leg Iron (Range Control)
Click here for Hours of Operation 928-269-7080

Primary Air Frequency 310.0
Secondary Air Frequency 141.85

Ground FM 40.83 

Range Facilty Management Support System

(RFMSS Rif-Miss) 

Outlook Web App (OWA)





TIME CHANGE - Daylight Savings Time has ended.  Due to the time change, California will be one hour behind Arizona’s time.  All ranges, whether in California or Arizona are scheduled in Arizona Local Time.  Ensure your range request times are adjusted to reflect the time change, otherwise take the chance of your range not being properly scheduled.  (Arizona to Zulu = AZ Local + 7 / California to Zulu = CA Local + 8).
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma