Plan, install, operate, and maintain secured and unsecured voice, data, and video communications infrastructure aboard Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in support of all tenant organizations on the Air Station, the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, Camp Billy Machen, and the Barry M. Goldwater Range (West).

- MCEN-N and MCEN-S end user support from the device to the Point-of-Presence Router.

- Assists visiting units with MCEN assets while they are aboard MCAS Yuma. We provide assistance by helping the units move machines from one organization to another, enabling ports for the visitors, troubleshooting the devices, user account creation/move/add/change.

- Provides all voice and data transport services aboard MCAS Yuma. Supports all exercises, tenant commands and multinational units deployed to MCAS Yuma. Provides technical assistance and maintenance support to provide reliable service.

- Protecting computers, networks, programs, and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change, or destruction. Advise the S-6 and Commanding Officer and report significant events, vulnerability levels, security incidents, etc. to HQMC.

- Programs subscriber radios, and conducts on-site maintenance and repair at all remote sites, hangars and other structural antennae/radio installations.

Station S-6 is located at building 1250 on South O’Neil Street.

For IT assistance or inquiry contact IT help desk at 928-269-4848.

For Telephone/Blackberry assistance or inquiry contact Telephone help desk at 928-269-2375.


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma