Weapon Registration

Per Station Order P5510.8F (w/ch2) Chapter 3 you will need the following items to register your weapon, i.e., hand guns, rifles and shotguns:
·         Military Identification Card
·         Bring in weapon Condition 4 with no ammo in magazines or case.
·         If bringing a weapon and ammunition onto the installation to register or transport to your residence, the ammunition must be in a separate area of the vehicle than the weapon (ex. weapon inside car, ammo in trunk or vise versa).  Either cannot be within reach of driver.
·         All weapons MUST have trigger locks, MUST be stored in lockable cases, and MUST be stored separately from ammunition.

 If you do not bring in the weapon you will need the following information:
·         Make
·         Model
·         Year
·         Serial Number
·         Barrel Length
·         Caliber
·         Action
·         Description of weapon
·         If weapon has a scope bring it or the information on it (some have serial numbers)

- You are not permitted to carry your weapon on your person while you are on the installation.
- You have 24 hours upon your arrival to MCAS Yuma or your purchase of a weapon to register the weapon if it is to be brought aboard the station or you reside on the station.
- If you cannot find a serial number on your weapon, you MUST bring it in when registering it.

Other weapons that need to be registered:
§  K-Bars and Knives that consists of a blade exceeding 4 inches in length
§  Paintball Guns
§  BB Guns
§  Pellet Air Guns
§  Compound/Re-curve/Cross Bows




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