Vehicle Registration

Personnel reporting for duty must register their vehicles with the Pass and Registration Office, located in Building 952, just inside the main gate, within 30 days after their reporting date.

The driver must present a current and valid state registration, driver’s license and proof of liability insurance required under Arizona law. Active-duty Marines ages 25 and under must also show proof of completion of the driver’s improvement course. Privately owned vehicles traveling on the air station are subject to spot checks by military police for current state and base registration and safety inspections.

In addition to all vehicle registration requirements, motorcycle operators must pass a motorcycle safety course offered by the air station’s safety department prior to the issuance of a decal.

Per station order P5560.3B you will need the following items to register your vehicle:
·         Valid Driver’s License
·         Valid Insurance & Registration
·         Military Identification Card
·         If you are under the age of 26 you must have your Arrive Alive at 25 certificate (NO ONLINE COURSE CERTIFICATES DATED AFTER 29NOV11 ACCEPTED)

For registering a Motorcycle you will the need the above items plus the following items:
·         MC Endorsement on your Driver’s License
·         Basic Riders Course card to receive a 90 day pass
·         If you already have a decal you will need to provide the Advance Riders Course Card (NOT MORE THAN 3 YEARS OLD)

- If you would like to keep an out of state registration you will need a letter from your insurance company stating that they are aware that your vehicle is being garaged in Arizona.

- To receive a decal you must have at least 6 months left on your Military Identification Card expiration date, less than 6 months will receive a vehicle pass.

- You have 30 days upon your arrival to MCAS Yuma to register your vehicle or motorcycle and update your decal to this duty station.


·         All vehicles on the installation must have current registration and current insurance at all times.
·         If you deploy, please do NOT leave your vehicle in the barracks parking lot. PMO has a deployment lot you may leave your vehicle in during your TAD, Deployment, etc… Call PMO desk Sgt at 928-269-2205 and ask for AID.

o   If you decide to leave your vehicle with someone during leave, TAD or deployment, you must provide them with a Power of Attorney (POA) or a notarized letter allowing them to drive your vehicle for more than 24 hours while you are gone. Special or limited POA’s are given if your registration is going to expire during your absence so they can take care of registration renewal or to update insurance policy, notarized letters are for just driving more than one day, etc…

o   If your vehicle receives a neon orange, green, pink sticker on the windshield, please do not remove until you contact the PMO desk Sgt at 928-269-2205. (These are placed on vehicles that have been sitting gathering cobwebs or have flat tires or in pieces or looked abandoned).

·         All vehicles must meet not only their state registration requirements, but must also be in compliance with the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) for vehicles on the road, i.e., Mud flaps for trucks raised over stock height, tinted windows (no more than 35%), meet the same or more for the insurance requirements ($15,000/$30,000), if the vehicle came with permanent doors you must have them on the vehicle, (not Jeep removable doors or top, or Broncos/Trailblazers with a removable top).
·         Remember no matter whose vehicle you are driving, you are responsible to make sure registration and insurance are up to date and paperwork is in the vehicle.
·         Arizona and Iowa allow you to provide a digital copy of your current insurance policy. But if you cannot provide this at the time of the stop (no internet connection, no Wi-Fi, or service), you will be issued a citation.




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