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Civilian Career Leadership Development

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The Civilian Career Leadership Development (CCLD) Program is voluntary, self-initiated and self-driven. The success, commitment and career development are owned by the employee. The cornerstone for CCLD is mentoring, training, and developmental assignments. Each CCLD participant will be required to have a mentor and an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP).

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Call the CCLD Administrator at 928-269-2302. The Administrator will e-mail an application to you.
The Headquarters Marine Corps, Civilian Marines website has many developmental resources and information about the CCLD program. or contact your local CCLD Administrator, 928-269-2302.
The CCLD Program has many great benefits that will assist you in expanding your knowledge, demonstrating your capabilities and increasing your visibility in the organization. As a participating supervisor, the program will assist you developing your coaching skills, worker dedication, creativity, employee morale and productivity.
Any permanent USMC federal service/NAF civilian employee.
To get started, you will be completing a 360-degree assessment. Once the results are received you will select a mentor, develop a leadership development plan and follow through with your developmental activities.
As soon as you realize that you want to develop your personal and professional growth in order to be a more influential, productive and knowledgeable employee for the federal government. The CCLD program motto is "Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today".
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma