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 Installation Personnel Administration Center

Mission Statement
To provide professional, quality personnel administration services to all Marines and family members assigned to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. Ensuring every Marine is administratively ready for worldwide assignment.

Upon arrival at MCAS Yuma all personnel assigned to MAWTS-1, Headquarters & Headquarters Squadron or all 3d MAW units will proceed and report to the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) (Bldg. 328, 2nd Deck) during normal working hours. All personnel must receive a reporting endorsement from their new command prior to reporting to IPAC.

Check in procedures for specific units are contained in the Information tab under the check-in hyperlink.

Normal Hours of Operation
Monday 0800-1630
Tuesday 0730-1630
Wednesday 0800-1630
Thursday 0730-1630
Friday 0800-1630


 Contact Us
Area code and prefix for all numbers is 928-269-XXXX unless otherwise specified.
Director 6471
Command Support Branch
Personnel Officer 2641
Clerks 6910
Inbound Branch
Personnel Officer 6529
Clerks 6902
Outbound Branch
Personnel Officer 6480
Clerks 6920
TAD/Deployment Branch
Personnel Officer 2794
Clerks 6928
Quality Assurance Branch 6565


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma