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The Department of the Navy continues to move forward in its efforts to improve the hiring process and reduce the time to fill vacancies. Part of the improvement includes the transition from CHART to USAJOBS for job announcements. The Marine Corps transition date is June 27. USAJOBS provides current employees and job seekers with better tools to apply for federal positions.

With USAJOBS you can:
- Store up to five distinct resumes
- Spell-check capable
- Ability to upload attachments and resumes
- Email notification of job postings
- Store up to 25 job interests
- Submit via fax, hardcopy, online

Your application remains in the system for 18 months. Your rating is based on answer to assessment questions.
To prepare for the new system, employees should:
- Copy existing resumes from CHART
- Update resumes to reflect current qualifications
- Create a USAJOBS account at
- Upload resumes and supporting documents to USAJOBS account


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