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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

Yuma, Arizona

Information for:                                                              Points of Contact:     

• BEQ E-5 and Below Barracks (Perm Party Pers)               BEQ Admin Building 663 - (928) 269-2591

• Transient No-Cost Billeting (E5 and below)                      Installation & Logistics Chief Building 888 - (928) 269-2722

                                                                                    Installation & Logistics Admin Ass’t Building 888 - (928) 269-2071


Information for:  

The Billeting Fund

“Personnel on official, funded TAD and TAD students, unless otherwise noted on their orders, MUST stay in these Government facilities, or receive a Non-Availability number prior to seeking accommodations at the Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF) “Dos Rios” or any off-base commercial operation.” MCO 11000.22


Point of Contact:             Bldg 1058 Martini Avenue

Reservations:                  reservations@yumabilleting.com
Front Desk:                    (928) 269-3578
Billeting Fund Director:    (928) 269-2230


 Contact Us
Area code and prefix for all numbers is 928-269-XXXX unless otherwise specified.
Station Officer of the Day 2252
Emergency Dispatch 2285
Provost Marshal's Office 2205
Facilities Maintenance 2222
ID Card Center 3588
Pass & Registration 2888/3634
Transient Billeting 3578
Transient Enlisted 2591
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 2591
Range Notification
Range Control
Barry M. Goldwater Range Permits 7150
Dental Clinic 2353
Health Clinic 2700
Noise Complaints 2325
Armed Forces Bank 288-6550
Navy Federal Credit Union 888-842-6328
Post Office 344-0437
Marine Corps Community Services 2422
Main Exchange (MCX) 2256
Commissary 2245
Lodging (Dos Rios Inn) 2262/2267
Semper Fit Gym 2727
Communication, Strategy, and Operation
Public Affairs Officer