Food Services
Our mission is to provide Food Services support to all Marines and Sailors aboard MCAS Yuma as well as visiting Units to include Weapons and Tactics Instructor Courses, Desert Talon And Striking Hawk Exercises. MCAS Food Service Department handles all food stuffs coming in and going out for various field feedings, from field chows to MRE support, as well as box lunches, special feedings for Young Marines, JROTC, and Special Dignitaries. MCAS Food Service Department is dedicated to providing the best food service support available to all the patrons that subsist in our dining facility regardless of geographical area. 

Food Service Technician
(928) 269-3556 

Operation Chief
(928) 269-2924 

(928) 269-2149 

Supply Technician
(928) 269-6396
*Provides MRE Support*
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma