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 Pet Registration

Per Station Order 6400.1H – All pet owners are required to call the Provost Marshal Office Animal Control 928-269-6303, to schedule a registration appointment within 5 days of their arrival to MCAS Yuma or purchase of an animal.  Documentation is not required at the time of registration.

To make an appointment with the veterinary clinic, please call (928) 269-2064.




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Area code and prefix for all numbers is 928-269-XXXX unless otherwise specified.
For Any Emergency Call 9-1-1 Immediately
Non-Emergency 2204
Desk Sergeant 2205
Provost Marshal 2205
Deputy Provost Marshal 5358
Provost Sergeant 3128
Military Police Operations 3127
Military Police Services 5313
Accident Investigation Division (AID) 7188
Physical Security 3136
Animal Control 6303
Criminal Investigation Division (CID) 3336
Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) 2305
Pass and Registration 2888
Traffic Court 3697
Military Working Dog Section 3490
Brig (Pre-Trial Confinement) 2881