Mission Assurance

Develop, coordinate implement, and oversee Marine Corps policies that ensure MCAS Yuma can protect personnel, critical assets and supporting infrastructures, while ensuring that we remain capable of executing all task that support the Combatant Commander and Higher Headquarters missions.  This is accomplished through an All Hazards process as it pertains to Anti-terrorism, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Preparedness, Installation Emergency Management, Information & Personnel Security and Knowledge/Information Management.        






Jeffrey T. Ruby



  •  ATO– Anti-Terrorism Officer

Anti-Terrorism Information Current Alerts

  •  IEM– Installation Emergency Manager

Training on Natural Disasters and Emergencies Command Operations Center

  •  CBRNE– Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive

Information and training on Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive contaminants

  •  OPSEC–  Operations Security

Information and training on preventing adversaries from obtaining critical information regarding    capabilities

  •  IMO– Information Management Officer

All activities involved in the identification, collection, processing, and usage of information

  •  IPSP–  Information  & Personnel Security Program

Information and training on information security and personnel security





 Deputy Director/ Anti-Terrorism Officer

Timothy Beeler

(928) 269-6725


Installation Emergency Specialist

Manuel M. Enriquez

(928) 269-6754


CBRNE Protection Officer/ OPSEC

Earl M. Hamilton

(928) 269-6560


 IMO/SharePoint Online/Teams Mgmt

Michelle P. Voor Den Gag

(928) 269-6223


Information & Personal Security

Ricardo Vega– Assistant Security Manager

 (928) 269-6750


Jasmin Cordova– Security Specialist

(928) 269-3149





Annual Security Training

Pandemic Flu Information:
Individual/Family Preparedness Checklist
Workplace Preparedness Checklist

For more information, please call (928) 269-6750

Eagle Eyes




ACTIC– Arizona’s Fusion Center








Marine Corps Air Station Yuma