Personnel against whom administrative action is taken, including debarment, may request reconsideration of the decision by the MCAS Yuma CO. Such appeals must be forwarded,in writing,to the SJA within 10 calendar days of notification of the action. Personnel desiring a personal appearance to discuss their appeals shall include such request in their appeal packages.

For reference view, StaO 5800.5C DEPARTMENT PROCEDURES

REINSTATEMENT OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES: Requests for reinstatement or restricted driving privileges shall be submitted in writing to the CO (Attn: Provost Marshal) via the chain
of command and then to Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO) for validation of required training and of current driver license. PMO will endorse the request for reinstatement, and forward to the Station CO’s appointed representative. Upon receipt of a favorable endorsement from the Station
CO’s appointed representative, PMO will forward to the Traffic Court Clerk to reinstate the individual’s driving privileges. 

For reference view, StaO5560.3D


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma