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Fire Department
 Fire Department
Our Mission
The mission of the MCAS Yuma Fire Department is to prevent loss of life, injury to personnel, damage to government property resulting from fires and other emergencies, and to provide a cost effective fire prevention, fire protection and emergency response services to include hazardous materials emergency response, disaster response and specialized rescue response.



Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990:
Mandates that all federal employees on official travel must stay in accomodations that adhere to the Life Safety requirements in the legislation. When planning to make hotel or motel reservations, travelers should check the approved hotel master list at

Smoke detectors save lives. Check your detector monthly and change the batteries at least annually.

Portable extinguishers are life and property savers. Ensure you have one available for the home, work and car.

Plan and practice an escape route from your home or work space and once you get out, stay out until told by the Fire Department that it's safe to re-enter. Practice makes perfect. When traveling and staying at lodging facilities across this great land, get familiar with and know how to get out. Always have a primary and secondary means of escape.

Ensure to store flammables outside and in a safe location.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Report all fires, regardless of size to the Fire Department. Let us check it out to ensure the fire is out.

No BBQ grills allowed on flightline side of the security fence.



The Fire Department operates an all risk emergency response program which includes paramedic ambulance, fire, hazardous materials spill, children/personnel in a hazardous situation, suspicious packages, technical rescue etc. If you are not sure if a situation is an emergency, call 911 and our professional staff will assist in the determination. "Remember, when in doubt, call 911. We will take care of the situation or contact someone who will." 

Vehicle Lockout Service
One of the many services that we provide is a vehicle lock out service, at no cost to the customer. If you mistakenly lock the vehicle keys in your car, contact the Fire dispatch office and we will assist you. 

This service is provided daily from 0630-2100. This service is suspended from 0730-0815 and from 1130-1230 due to operational commitments. We will respond to all Emergency situations where a child or pet is locked in the vehicle or the vehicle is locked and with the engine running.


Hot Work Permits
Contractors working aboard MCAS Yuma as well as Base Services Division/Facilities Maintenance personnel, who need to perform hot work operations, such as welding, brazing, soldering and sweating lines, need to contact the Fire Department to obtain a hot work permit. Contact the Fire dispatch office. 

Fire Prevention/Inspection
Prevention/Inspection hours are from 0630-1500, Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.
For Enlisted Quarters, Numerous Office Spaces, Martinez Lake Recreation Area, Seal Camp/Niland, Ca.

For Military Family Housing (including 16th Street)

For all of Flightline area, Baker's Peak and EW West ranges

For Enlisted Quarters and Numerous Office Spaces


 Contact Us
Area code and prefix for all numbers is 928-269-XXXX unless otherwise specified.
For Any Emergency Call 9-1-1 Immediately

Physical Address
Bldg #149 O'Neill St

Mailing Address
Fire Department
PO Box 99114, Bldg #149
Yuma, AZ 85369-9114

Emergency Dispatch 2285
Provost Marshal's Office 2205
Fire Dispatch Office 2285/2385
Fire Chief 2887
Fire Prevention Chief 3595
Duty Chief (Operations) 3369
Duty Captain's Office (Operations) 6019
Dispatch Supervisor 6302
Emergency Services Support Assistant 6146
Department Fax 6018


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma