Traffic Court

Traffic Court requirements:
·         If you receive a citation on the base, you have (3) three working days to report to the Traffic Court Clerk at Bldg 952, Pass and Registration Office by the main gate.
·         The Clerk will assess points for minor infractions.
·         The Clerk will schedule you for Traffic Court if you wish to contest or the infraction requires you to see the Magistrate.
·         Traffic Court does not accept phone calls, you must come in.
·         If you receive a citation out in town for anything that if committed on base would be grounds for base suspension, you are to report to PMO upon release with your citation, i.e., DWI or DUI, Driving while on state suspended Drivers License, Reckless Driving, Exhibition of Speed, Criminal Speeding 20+ MPH over posted, Fleeing the Scene of an Accident, etc...
·         If you are suspended or revocated, your vehicle cannot be on base, no one else can bring your vehicle on base unless it is your bona-fide spouse. (He or She must obtain a special decal to enter the base for each vehicle)

·         Not all states automatically extend your Drivers License just because you are military. You are to inform you state that you are AD military or married to AD military and see what the individual rules for that state say. You must also update both your Drivers License’s mailing address and the vehicle registration address with your state. Make sure each item is updated; most DMVs do not share the same database for Drivers Licenses and Registration. AZ does not.
·         You do NOT have to change the address on the front of your license just the mailing address.  It is required by all states that once you leave the state you have 10 days to update your license’s mailing address.
·         Most states will provide you with some kind of form, paperwork, or card to carry or even mark your record saying you are military and that they have an extension for military.
·         Some states DO NOT have extensions at all. Best thing is to keep your license current with your state.
·         PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOU HAVE AN AUTOMATIC EXTENSION! Please do not ask fellow Marines, check for yourself or call the Traffic Court Clerk, 928-269-3697. She will be able to help you with any of this.




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