Media Relations
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
Yuma, Arizona


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma invites members of the civilian news media to visit the Marine Corps' premiere aviation training facility and cover some of the wide-array of station story subjects and available assets.

All requests from civilian news media must be submitted to the Communication Strategy and Operations Office. This includes requests to access or photograph any portion of the air station or its ranges, interview military or civilian personnel assigned to MCAS Yuma, or coverage of any station community open house events. If approved, media must be escorted by MCAS Yuma COMMSTRAT personnel at all times.

Media requesting information or access to MCAS Yuma should contact the Communication Strategy and Operations Office by phone at (928) 269-5505 or via e-mail at

Only professional news media or freelance journalists and photographers who have a publishing agreement with an established media outlet that plans to publish their work will be considered for support. Media may be asked to provide identification, proof of previous work and/or professional references in order to be approved. Aviation photographers without publishing agreements cannot be defined as media; they are considered aviation enthusiasts/hobbyists, who may visit the base as part of a public event/air show and/or photograph aircraft from outside the air station from public or private property with the owner's consent.

Requests from members of foreign media agencies as well as non-U.S. citizens working for U.S. media agencies require special verification/accreditation. Contact the Communication Strategy and Operations Office at for additional information.

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