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MCAS Yuma is located within the City of Yuma, in southwestern Arizona. The principal community within the commuting area is the City of Yuma. A variety of smaller communities are located in the region, including: Somerton, Gadsden, San Luis, Winterhaven, and the Yuma Foothills. The City of Yuma is the principal commercial and retail center for the region, with a population, in 2016, of about 108,000 and the population for Yuma County was 202,000. During the months of November through March, the influx of winter visitors from northern states and Canada, combined with the transient agricultural field workers, typically doubles the population. However, during the months of April through October, the Housing rental stock is at its highest vacancy and offers the widest range of possibilities for military families seeking rental housing in the community.

The results of a housing market analysis conducted in 2015 and updated in 2017 for MCAS Yuma show that the local area rental housing stock was constructed as studio apartments, multi-family apartments, townhomes, condominiums and single family dwellings comprised mostly of two and three bedroom units with an overall distribution of:

  • Studio units - 4.3%
  • One bedroom units - 16.8%
  • Two bedroom units - 32.6%
  • Three bedroom units 36.8%
  • Four or more bedroom units - 9.5%

Housing quality is one of the primary criteria used by our staff to determine the acceptability of community housing for our military customers. DoD defines the minimum level of acceptability for structures housing military families, but a physical inspection by our trained staff provides you the greatest assurance that if we list a property for you to consider in your search, it will be safe, clean, and well maintained. Based on the Military Housing Office staff's extensive knowledge of local properties, our best estimate is that 26% of the non-mobile home rental housing inventory within the Yuma housing market area is unsuitable by DoD criteria and we will not list those properties for you to consider.

The following chart represents the current average monthly housing cost for the local area:


Configuration  Studio  2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom  
Type of Property Rent   Utilities  Total  Rent  Utilities  Total   Rent    Utilities  Total   Rent   Utilities  Total   
Studio $450 $75 $525                   
Apartment       $650 $100 $750 $750 $150 $900      
Condo/Townhouse       $750 $130 $880 $850 $150 $1,000 $900 $200 $1,100
Single Family Ranch       $850 $200 $1,050 $1,000 $200 $1,200 $1,100 $300 $1,400

If you have received orders to MCAS Yuma for a tour of duty, you will need a place to live. Do not expect base housing to be available when you arrive because everyone has to wait for base housing. Check in with our Housing Referral Councilors before making any commitment for Housing in the local community. We are the local experts and we are looking out for your best interest.

Finding a Place to Rent in Yuma

If you are making a Permanent Change of Station to MCAS Yuma and need to find a place to rent; our Housing Referral Staff is here to provide assistance. The Housing Referral Staff are the subject matter experts on Yuma and the local community. We understand that in some cases, base housing is not the best option for your family. You can reach us by calling (928) 269-2826 or email us at

The Housing Referral Office is located at Bldg. 1093 on Thomas Ave.

Housing Referral Guide

Apartment Complex Listing 

We have divided the house hunting areas into seven parts on this map of Yuma.

Area 1: Old Town

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Old Town is bordered by the Colorado River to the north, Interstate 8 to the east, 16th Street (Highway 95) to the south, and Avenue D to the west. Close to downtown are some of the oldest and most beautiful homes in Yuma. Look for homes that have been renovated or new homes on old lots. There are small clusters of older developments such as Pecan Grove between 8th and 3rd Streets and just east of Avenue B offers some of the most spacious and luxurious homes in Yuma. West of Avenue B, you will find newer developments worth a loot. There are some older apartment complexes in this area along with a number of condominiums.

Area 2: Mid-Town East

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Mid-Town East is bordered by Interstate 8 to the north, Avenue 3E to the East, 32nd Street to the south, and 4th Avenue to the west. This area is an older part of town and is a collection of mostly older, single family homes, mobile home parks, some condominiums, and apartment complexes. Search for renovated homes, new homes on old lots, and older homes with sufficient size to meet needs.

Area 3: Mid-Town East

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Mid-Town West is bordered by 16th Street (Highway 95) to the north, 4th Avenue to the east, 40th Street/County 12th Street on the south and Avenue D on the west. This is one of the prime areas to search for apartments, condominiums, duplex homes, single family homes and upper scale homes. Four of the larger adequate apartment complexes are located here. Newer single family homes are located in Barkley Ranch, Falls Ranch, Cibola Heights, Pioneer Park, and many others that offer medium to high income rentals, some with pools, close to a school, and a 15 minute drive to base.

Area 4: South County West

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South County West is bordered by County 12th Street to the north, Avenue 4E to the east, the City of Somerton to the south, and Avenue D on the west. This area is sparsely populated, but has some concentrations of ranchettes (2.5 to 5 acre parcels). The City of Somerton, population of about 10,000, is seven miles from base on Highway 95 and offers lower housing costs. There are a few recent developments and newer homes such as those around the old golf course just north of the highway.

Area 5: North County East

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This area is about five miles east of town, north of Interstate 8, south of Highway 95, East of Avenue 4E, and West of Avenue 9E. The area is full of desirable homes and condominiums that are priced to fit almost every service member's price range. Some of the homes have pools and the pool service is usually included in the rent. The developments are near Arizona Western College, Gila Ridge High School, Castle Dome Middle School, Desert Mesa Elementary School, and Otondo Elementary School. There are no apartment complexes in this area.

Area 6: South County East

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South County East is bordered by Interstate 8 to the north, Avenue 9E to the east, County 15th to the south, and Avenue 4E to the west. This area is sparsely populated, but has some concentrations of residential developments and a mixture of ranchettes (2.5 to 5 acre parcels). Probably the largest residential area is  Ocotillo, which is five miles east of the base and offers a wide variety of single family homes. The closest schools are in the North County East area. There are no apartment complexes in this area.

Area 7: Foothills

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The Foothills is bordered by the desert to the north, the desert mountains (Telegraph Pass) to the east, the Barry M. Goldwater Gunnery Range to the south, and Avenue 9E to the west. This area is about 12-15 miles from the base and is a collection of several mobile home parks, many different condominiums to fit almost any military family's budge for rent. There are no apartment complexes in this area and no schools. For school information, please see the School Liaison page.

Find a Rental Listing 

We have rental listings for apartment complexes in and around the Yuma area. If you have any questions about the listings, you may contact the Housing Referral Office at the number below.

Developed by the Department of Defense for all the military services, is now our go-to site when counseling military members who are inquiring about local community rental housing during their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) mores. is FREE. Free to register, free to look at rental listings, free to post rental listings and free to update listings. Do NOT confuse this with, use only

If you need further assistance, you may contact the Housing Referral Office at (928) 269-2826 or email us at

Additional Resources

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Temporary Lodging Facility MCCS (NAF)

School Liaison
(928) 269-5373

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
(928) 269-2949

Distribution Management Office (DMO)
Household Goods, PCS moves, DITY moves, etc.
(928) 269-2311

Animal Control Office
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