Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP)

Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP)

The Department of Defense (DoD) has implemented the Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) across all services. The program was implemented among all CONUS Marine Corps Installations in 2013. RECP was implemented at MCAS Yuma in March 2014 and is in place among all family housing homes. The program supports the Marine Corps energy strategy by encouraging energy conservation and reducing electricity costs.

The goal of RECP is to promote good stewardship of our resources and environment through awareness, personal responsibility, and education. In an effort to encourage energy conservation, each home is metered for electricity and housing residents receive a monthly electricity consumption statement so they are fully informed about their energy usage and habits.

How RECP Works

  • Your home is combined with other homes into a Like Type Group (LTG). The factors your home shares with the others in your LTG are type of constructions, number of bedrooms, size in square feet, and age of the home. These groups are usually no smaller than 20 homes and can include several hundred homes.
  • Electric meters are read monthly and consumption calculated for each home. The average consumption for that month is calculated for each LTG. The average usage for the group establishes the base line or "Normal Use".
  • A 10% buffer is then set above and below the normal use. This is the Normal Use Range.
  • If your electric consumption for the month is more than the 10% above normal use and outside the normal use range, you will be charged only for the electricity you conserved above the 10% upper buffer.
  • If your electric consumption for the month is less than the 10% below normal use and is below the normal use range, you will be credited for the electricity you conserved that is below the 10% lower buffer.

The advantage of this program is that you can control your own destiny and conserve energy without a great deal of impact to your lifestyle. Please read the Energy Saving Tips for Renters.

Savings generated by the RECP will be reinvested into Public Private Venture (PPV) housing communities to improve homes, playgrounds, community centers, and quality of life for service members and their families.

Headquarters Marine Corps Guidance for RECP allows a waiver for registered Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) participants living in privatized housing who consume significant amounts of electricity as a direct result of their unique medical circumstance. Waiver requests must be submitted through the member's chain of command and endorsed by the EFMP Coordinator's office. See the RECP Waiver Request Form for more information and application instructions.

Additional Resources

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