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 Search and Rescue

"So Others May Live"

Our Mission

The primary mission of the MCAS Yuma Search and Rescue Unit (SRU) is to provide support for military flight operations within a 100 nautical mile radius of MCAS Yuma.
Operating area and response status

The Commanding Officer of MCAS Yuma is responsible for SAR as it pertains to locally operating military forces. Through the provisions of the National SAR Plan, MCAS Yuma will also respond to community SAR and Medevacs on a not-to-interfere with military operations basis.
There is a fully qualified crew on 24-hour duty status, 7 days a week including holidays.

Launch SAR: (928) 269-2326 
SAR Response Form

Telephone: (928) 269-2285
Fax: (928) 269-2575


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma