Marine Corps Air Station Yuma


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

The Corps' Premier Aviation Training Facility

Provost Marshal

How To Contact Us
Dispatch Emergency dial 911
Non-Emergency dial 928-269-2204
Desk Sergeant 928-269-2205
Provost Marshal 928-269-3126
Deputy Provost Marshal 928-269-5358
Provost Sergeant 928-269-3128 
Military Police Operations 928-269-3127
Military Police Services 928-269-5313
Accident Investigation Division (AID) 928-941-7188
Physical Security 928-269-3136
Animal Control 928-269-6303
Criminal Inverstigation Division (CID) 928-269-3336
Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) 928-269-2305
Pass and Registration 928-269-2888
Traffic Court 928-269-3697
Military Working Dog Section 928-269-3490
Brig (Pre Trial Confinement) 928-269-2881


Pet Registration
Traffic Court
Traffic Enforcement Regulations
Vehicle Registration
Weapons Registration