Law Enforcement
Navigating the BMGR-W

Navigating the BMGR-W

Visitors should be aware that each person entering the range must have a current range permit. All vehicles and operators will continue to be required to comply with general vehicle operating rules, including being licensed for highway driving under Arizona laws and regulations. All Off-highway vehicles are required to have an Arizona State OHV Decal. Vehicle travel is limited to designated roads. Vehicles are allowed to pull off up to 50 feet from the center line of any open road. Self-contained camping (non-vehicle based) is allowed in all open areas to the public. Vehicle based camping is limited to 14 consecutive days with a 28-day period except by special permit. Designated RV camping can be found at the entrance of the A road and require a special use permit in all other areas.  

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Off-Highway Vehicle Decal Brochure

Guided Tours

Guided Tours 

While exploring the BMGR-W, you may discover abandoned mines or other areas of interest and wonder the story behind them. The Conservation Law Enforcement team (CLEO’s) offers tours, based on time and availability, to help you explore all the BMGR-W has to offer. 

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General Information

Conservation Law Enforcement

The primary responsibility of the Conservation Law Enforcement Officers of the Barry M. Goldwater Range - West is to enforce all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to natural and cultural resources.  Our Officers are dedicated to conserving the desert landscape and providing opportunities for visitors to learn more about the Sonoran Desert and the Marine Corps mission.  

Hunting Program

Hunting Program 

Hunting can be conducted on the BMGR-W in accordance with Arizona state hunting and fishing laws. MCAS Yuma offers dove hunting to active-duty service members, dependents, retirees, and authorized members of the Department of Defense in the groves nearest to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma. Dove hunting coincides with the Arizona state-wide hunting seasons, and requires a permit issued through RecAccess. More information about the dove hunting program can be found on RecAccess, see link below.

- RecAccess
- Dove Hunting Information

Contact Information

Contact Information 

The Conservation Law Enforcement office is located within the Range Management Department Building # 151 on O’Neill St, MCAS Yuma, AZ. 

Conservation Law Enforcement Supervisor: (928) 269-3385 

Conservation Officers: (928) 269-6097/3388/3389 


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