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Community Relations

Please read the following as our request process has changed:

UPDATE - If your event location is within 60 miles of MCAS Yuma, please complete a DD2536 and submit it to Yuma_PAO@usmc.mil. Do not fax your request. If your event location is outside 60 miles of MCAS Yuma, please follow the instructions on the HQMC Community Relations page. For MCAS Yuma requests, please include the asset requested, the date and location of the event in the subject line (i.e. Color Guard Request 25July2017- Yuma, Az.). If you would like to confirm receipt, or for any questions regarding your request, call (928) 269-2275.

Requesting Support - The Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is committed to being good neighbors to the local community. Involvement by Yuma's Marines can be requested for various community events and projects.
See below for specific guidance on requesting community relations support from MCAS Yuma and its tenant commands. All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Public Affairs Office to determine feasibility of support.
Attn: Public Affairs Office
Box 99113
Yuma AZ 85369-9113

Phone: 928-269-2275

Aviation - All requests for aviation demonstrations, flyovers or other displays must be directed to the community relations branch at Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington, D.C.
Music/Band - MCAS Yuma does not have a Marine Corps band or any Marine musicians assigned here, however, four Marine bands are stationed at bases in southern California. All requests for musical performances must be directed to the community relations branch at Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington, D.C.
Non-Aviation requests - Please complete the Armed Forces participation form in order to request the following:
Color Guards

- Guest Speakers

- Ground Equipment

Volunteers - Civilian nonprofit organization, civic groups, schools and youth groups may solicit individual volunteers for community service projects or events by contacting the air station's Public Affairs Office.

Upon completing the DD2536, send it to Yuma_PAO@usmc.mil.

Once reviewed and approved by Public Affairs personnel, the volunteer request will be advertised to air station personnel. Volunteers will contact the requesting organization directly to coordinate further.
Funeral Honors - All requests for funeral honors must be referred to the Military Funeral Honors Section in Quantico, Virginia, for approval. MCAS Yuma may only perform this service with approval from the Military Funeral Honors Section.
The family of the bereaved should ask the funeral home to call the Military Funeral Honors Section at 703-432-9524 or toll free 866-826-3628, or e-mail funeral.honors@usmc.mil for assistance.
(Note: Funeral honors may include burial detail, pall bearers, rifle salute, bugler, flag folding, and flag presentation)
Miscellaneous - For more information on Marine Corps community relations programs, visit the Marine Corps' Community Relations website.
Additional Information - All requests for community relations support will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the MCAS Yuma Public Affairs Office. Some requests may not be granted on the basis of personnel availability, other mission requirements, the nature of the event and military regulations.
The Marine Corps is prohibited from supporting and/or participating in all or most political/campaign, religious, fund-raising or commercial events, as well as those which may imply Marine Corps endorsement of a specific organization, person or ideology.
Individual Marine volunteers may not participate in military uniforms.

Official government-owned equipment or materials (such as tents, vehicles, chairs, tables, tools, etc.) may not be requested or used for most community service projects.