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MCAS Yuma News Service
The Public Affairs Office staff provides the latest news and command information to MCAS Yuma's Marines, families, civilian employees, visiting service members and retirees, as well as the general public.
This content is published and distributed primarily on the station Facebook page, using the all-hands e-mail and directly to other news outlets, like hometown newspapers.
Website - The MCAS Yuma website is the hub of public news and information pertaining to MCAS Yuma and its tenant commands. http://www.mcasyuma.marines.mil
Yuma News All-Hands E-mail - Once a week, the Public Affairs Office sends an e-mail newsletter featuring news and upcoming events to the official e-mail accounts of station personnel.
Facebook - Visit our Facebook page for daily updates, news, announcements and other interesting content, and to provide your own feedback. https://www.facebook.com/mcasyuma 

PLEASE NOTE: MCAS Yuma no longer runs the Desert Warrior newspaper.