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Yuma Airshow and Yuma Patriot Festival
BE ADVISED: The Yuma Airshow is slated to alternate every year with the Yuma Patriot Festival

Yuma Patriot Festival: 2018 (Tentative)
Twilight Show: 2017 (Tentative)
Yuma Air Show: 2017 (Tentative)

Check out http://www.yumaairshow.com and http://www.yumapatriotfest.org for details.

The Yuma Airshow and Yuma Patriot Festival are hosted and coordinated by Marine Corps Community Services.

The websites provide information for anyone interested in being a vendor, sponsor or volunteer. Applications and phone numbers are listed should you have any questions.

It will also provide all necessary information on seating, security, parking, cameras, video, and prohibited items.