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Archive: August, 2009

Yuma air station energy program earns SecNav honorable mention August 27, 2009
Deployed Yuma Marine home early to attend U.S. Naval Academy August 27, 2009
Bravery under fire earns Yuma Marine Bronze Star August 27, 2009
Yuma's 214, 371 squadrons gas-and-go in Afghanistan August 27, 2009
Avengers headed home to Yuma from Japan, MEU August 20, 2009
Yuma Snipers train Miramar Sharpshooters in air-to-air combat August 20, 2009
Next Yuma CO named August 20, 2009
Corps cuts PFTs, CFTs to one per year for all Marines August 13, 2009
Devil went down to Arizona: Charlie Daniels Band performs for Yuma Marines August 13, 2009
Yuma awarded Corps' safest air station August 13, 2009
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