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Archive: November, 2009

Yuma's VMA-214, MALS-13 Marines return home from Afghanistan November 25, 2009
Marine pilot retention bonuses hit 10-year low point November 19, 2009
Yuma's Marine Air Control Squadron 1 expands with new detachment, gear November 19, 2009
Yuma stacks the deck: Will new ship be Harrier's emergency option? November 19, 2009
Marines gain citizenship during Corps' birthday ceremony November 13, 2009
New Yuma exchange opening mid-November November 12, 2009
Marine veterans return to Yuma to reminisce November 12, 2009
First group of Yuma's VMA-214 returns home from Afghanistan November 5, 2009
Yuma Marines mix it up with MMA fighters November 5, 2009
NSPS fired: Civilian employee pay system abolished by president November 5, 2009
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