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MAG-13 University Holds First Lance Corporal Leadership and Ethics Seminar

By Cpl. Reba James | Marine Corps Air Station Yuma | January 15, 2015

Marines from units across Marine Aircraft Group 13 were selected to participate in the first MAG-13 University Lance Corporal Leadership and Ethics Seminar course aboard Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona, Jan. 12-16.

“This is our first iteration of the Lance Corporal Leadership and Ethics Seminar course, so our mission is to do it, get feedback and work out the kinks,” said Sgt. Maj. Derek Fry, the MAG-13 sergeant major and seminar director. “What we are trying to do is present this course, so that the lance corporals leave here motivated about the information we gave them.”

The seminar provides an opportunity to enhance the lance corporals’ leadership development and preparation for future responsibilities in the Marine Corps. It is an academic course conducted through small group discussion between the students and the instructors
“It’s beneficial to a lance corporal to attend because it’s now a professional military education requirement, they get face-to-face classes on leadership and ethics, and it serves as an opportunity for them to intermingle knowledge with their peer groups across the different commands,” said Fry, a native of Hartshorn, Oklahoma.

The focus for the course instructors is the personal and professional development of the Marines put under their charge. They are there to guide and mentor the Marines as the course progresses.

“This is the lance corporals’ early dose of Marine Corps leadership,” said Sgt. Matthew Bradley, an instructor at MAG-13 University. “As the Marine Corps is changing, we are training Marines at a lower level so we can develop these leaders at an earlier stage of their Marine Corps career.”

MAG-13 University is offering the seminar to lance corporals in an effort to strengthen the Marine Corps values and ethos through guided discussion and small unit leadership.

“The main purpose of the seminar is to spark that cognitive process of being a leader early on. It’s important to enforce that young leadership and Marine concept,” said Bradley, a native of Louisville, Kentucky.

“It’s also a place we can teach and send our Marines to get the required PME so that units don’t end up behind the power curve,” added Fry.

The week-long leadership course is currently available to MAG-13 units.

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