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Yuma Marine spouses treated to comedy show

By Lance Cpl. Sean Dennison | | May 13, 2010

The air station hosted a military spouse appreciation event here in honor of the women and men who support their service members in matrimony.

The event, called Glow, drew in more than 200 attendees and included manicures, drinks, desserts and entertainment provided by military spouses and comedian Mollie Gross.

"We appreciate military spouses," said Kate McKenney, director of the station's Marine Corps Family Team Building department. "They endure and sacrifice so much for their Marines and their country. They're the unsung heroes of the Marine Corps and the military."

The evening's highlight was a spouse heroine Gross taking the stage. Using a brand of personal and punchy humor, Gross had the crowd laughing along at the trials and sometimes absurd situations military spouses find themselves in.

Gross, who performed for the first time in Yuma, spun seeming negatives into postitives.

"A deployment can be a time for personal growth," said Gross, who practiced writing during her marriage to a Marine officer.

The first 75 spouses to arrive received manicures from Yuma School of Beauty students. Spouses were also able to donate dresses for Operation Ball Gown, which allows spouses to receive dresses for the Marine Corps Ball.

Spouses were able to mingle with each other while wining and dining until they were ushered into Club Infinities, where they were treated to performances put on by spouses.

Stephanie Jacobson, Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 spouse, rocked the stage with a song about her misadventures as a mliitary wife. Then, spouses that teach Zumba at the station gym led the crowd in an impromptu workout.

All the activities reiterated the importance in the role of being a military spouse, people who must grin and bear it when their husbands and wives are called to duty.

"They're called the silent ranks because no one talks about them," said Gross of military spouses. "I did as many things as I could to reach out to them."

The evening was filled with laughter and many spouses left with smiles on their faces.

"Laughter can get you through anything," said Tammy McClenton, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13 spouse.

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