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New facility expands child care by 60% for Yuma Marines

15 Apr 2010 | Lance Cpl. Jakob Schulz Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

To meet the high demand for child care on station, the child development center here will open an addition to its child care facilities April 16, 2010.

The $4.5 million annex will allow approximately 80 new spots for children ranging from infants to 5-year-olds.

“This building was imperative to the well-being of our military families,” said Shanna Thomas, administrator of the station’s child, youth and teens program.

Previously, the CDC could care for approximately 120 children daily, with approximately 50 children on the waiting list to receive child care.

While the additional 80 spots would seem to provide enough room for all the child care needs, new families moving in and soon-to-be-born infants will likely raise the number of those seeking child care, said Thomas.

The annex will offer spots for 24 infants, 10 1-year-olds, 10 2-year-olds, 24 preschoolers and nine hourly care spots, said Thomas. This increase in child care should meet most of the demand on station.

The Department of Defense mandates that 80 percent of the child care needs must be met by on base facilities.

With the annex, four new playgrounds were built to accommodate the CDC’s increasing child care capabilities and provide more room for the children to play and exercise.

The annex will also employ more than 40 additional staff members, with half being military dependents.

“We always try to hire from the station before going into the local community,” said Thomas.

Construction of the annex began August 2009.

The CDC offers all-day care and hourly care for a fee. 

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