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FY-10 re-enlistment guidance released

18 Jun 2009 | Desert Warrior Staff Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

First-term Marines eligible to re-enlist in fiscal year 2010 will likely face tougher odds now that the Corps has grown to its 202,000 target two years early.

The Marine Corps recently released its FY-2010 enlisted retention guidelines, which highlight jobs where the competition for limited boatspaces has prompted a call of re-enlistment requests beginning July 1, 2009.

Fifty fast-filling military occupational specialties were listed in Marine Administrative Message 330/09, released May 29, 2009, including many in the aviation field such as Harrier-specific aircraft, airframe and safety equipment mechanics.

All re-enlistment requests for fast-filling MOSs will be considered in August, according to the message. Any requests submitted after July 31, 2009, will likely be rejected because the job’s boatspaces will have already been filled.

Last year, the Marine Corps re-established boatspace limits after several years without them. Previously, first-termers didn’t compete for boatspaces as a way to grow the ranks from within rather than place all of the burden on recruiters.

“It’s back to the way it used to be,” said Gunnery Sgt. Chris Gielarowski, Marine Aircraft Group 13 career planner. “We were trying to attain our retention goals over the last two years, using a larger budget for bonuses and taking away boatspace caps. But we’ve reached our goal of 202,000 Marines two years ahead of schedule.”

The Corps plans to release a complete list of re-enlistment bonuses no later than July 1, 2009, according to the message.

The message also identified 30 undermanned MOSs that first-termers can apply to laterally move into beginning July 1, 2009. These include classic high-demand jobs such as air traffic controller and explosive ordnance disposal technician.

Normally, lateral move spots don’t open until Dec. 1, 2009, to allow Marines in the MOS the first crack at boatspaces.

Additionally, first-termers in the high-demand, low-density MOSs who have an end of active service date in FY-2011 can apply for re-enlistment in FY-2010.

The Corps will also continue the practice of awarding corporals and below 60 points toward their composite score if they re-enlist for at least 48 months, stated the message.

“Get your packages in fast, because these boatspaces will be gone,” said Gielarowski. “I guarantee 90 percent will be gone by Dec. 1.”

For more information, Marines can contact their unit career planners or see MarAdmin 330/09.

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