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Station kicks off Operation Ride Right

6 Nov 2006 | Lance Cpl. Megan Angel

The station kicked off Operation Ride Right, a command Marine Forces Pacific motorcycle safety campaign, Nov. 6.

The purpose of Operation Ride Right is to ensure compliance with the commanding general’s directive and ensure that all motorcycle riders are operating within published regulations.

“Aggressive inspection procedures at all of the station gates will be conducted,” said Master Sgt. Doyle Lyon, Provost Marshal operations chief.

“The campaign is designed to educate motorcyclists and inform them on the rules and regulations. The military police will be conducting 100 percent inspections.”

The campaign was ordered by the MARFORPAC commanding general.

“I want to address my concern over the alarming number of motor vehicle mishaps occurring,” said Lt. Gen. John Goodman, Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific; Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific; and Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Bases, Pacific, in a message issued to all of MCI West personnel.

“The motorcycle mishap rate is especially disconcerting when considering the small number of motorcycles being operated compared to four-wheeled personal motor vehicles,” said Goodman. “Speed, fatigue, non-use of required personal protective equipment and improper operation of equipment were all casual factors for the majority of the mishaps.”

“Marines know the safety regulations and requirements for operating motorcycles,” Lyon said. “Everyone must go through the motorcycle safety class in order to even be able to get a motorcycle Department of Defense decal.”

Goodman requested commanders and leaders at all levels to engage in an education campaign to focus on professional conduct, expectations of obeying the law, leading by example and maintaining a high standard of integrity.

“The essential elements the Operation Ride Right campaign are easy and can be executed over the next 30 days,” Goodman said.

Since the beginning of October 2005, there were 25 serious mishaps, 11 involving motorcycles throughout the force. Last month, there were four motorcycle mishaps, two of which were fatal.

“We cannot continue losing Marines and sailors to preventable mishaps,” said Goodman. “Our Marines need education and training to emphasize mature decision making and inform them of the regulations concerning the proper operation of all vehicles, but specifically motorcycles.”

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