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SMP provides spring break Semper Fi style

7 Apr 2006 | Pfc. Mauro Sanchez

Station Marines let loose and enjoyed themselves at the Single Marine and Drug Demand Reduction programs’ spring break barbeque April 7 at  softball field 545 across from the gymnasium here.

The barbeque was a chance for the Weapons and Tactics Instructor course Marines to relax and meet the station Marines, said SMP President Cpl. Heather Pawlicki. They train hard all week and this is a good way for them to play hard. This is also a good way to showcase the events SMP and DDRP put together so station Marines will participate more, she added.

The barbeque featured a chili drinking contest, a free raffle for various electronic prizes and free NASCAR tickets, Marines jousting with pugil sticks, human bowling,  sumo wrestling, and the most popular event, the sergeant major dunk tank.

The tank featured Sgt. Maj. David West, Marine Attack Squadron 311 sergeant major, Sgt. Maj. Joe Vines, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13 sergeant major, and Sgt. Maj. Robert Bush, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron sergeant major and it was by far the busiest attraction at the event. It was the only activity that required payment, with Marines lining up to pay $1 for three balls. So many stood up to douse their sergeants major that SMP was able to collect more than $300.

“I’m here to motivate Marines to have fun without the use of alcohol,” said Vines. “My Marines are going to come out here to dunk me out of team spirit and motivation.”

“It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope all the Marines have a chance to stop by,” said West.

The barbeque was scheduled for a total of three hours, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., but even after the event officially ended, Marines stayed behind to get extra shots at Bush.

Even Sgt. Maj. Manuel Garibay Jr., station sergeant major, paid money to try his arm against Bush. On his first throw he broke the target and on his second he succeeded in dunking Bush.

“It was tight,” said Lance Cpl. Ernesto Sigara, Marine Attack Squadron-214 administrative clerk. “It was something for the Marines to get their minds off their troubles and have fun. There should be more (events) like this.”

The next SMP event is a trip to Lake Havasu April 21-23.

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