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Station guest hand out laughs at Infinities

24 Oct 2004 | Cpl. Natasha S. Rawls

Guest comedians kept the laughs roaring during Marine Corps Community Services Comedy Night at Infinities enlisted club Oct. 24.
The show kicked off at about 9 p.m. with five comedians from the Los Angeles area -- Frank Lucero, Bob Perkell, Johnny Dam, Patrick DeGuire and Rick Gene -- joking with and about the room full of Marines, sailors, families and friends.
One of the audience members, Airman Miko Booth, Tucson Air National Guard Base public affairs specialist, said the show was her first aboard the air station, and it was definitely worth the $3 she paid.
“It was a great show for a great price,” said Booth. “I usually go to a comedy club and expect to spend ten dollars to see three comedians, whereas here we saw five comedian for three dollars.”
Not only was Booth impressed with the price, but she also was treated to a very funny show, she said.
“My favorite comedian was Frank Lucero,” she said. “It was funny when he was telling jokes about Mariachi singers and playing the guitar.”
While most of the comedians were familiar with military audiences, for Lucero,
telling jokes to a military installation audience was a first.
Lucero said although his audience was not primarily Mexican, he still stuck with his routine that told many jokes about his Mexican heritage.
“I pretty much keep my routine the same, said Lucero. “We all love the same things -- family, food, drinks and parties.”
While the audience was a different experience for Lucero, he said it was definitely a positive one in which he was able to use his humor to show his gratitude to service members for a job well done.
“We came because we have to support the troops,” he said. “(They) are out there taking care of business, so it is pleasure for me to be invited here.”
Lucero said he thought the show went great and looks forward to being invited back someday.
Unlike Lucero, Dam is no stranger to the military crowd.
Dam said although he has performed shows with military audiences in the past, since the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, where he lost a cousin, he has been much more devoted to his military audience.
“That’s why I am touring bases in the Middle East next week,” said Dam. “To show those guys what they do is very important and appreciated.”
He said in addition to touring military installations, he also does work with Operation Gratitude, which is an organization that sends care packages to deployed military service members.
Perkell also recently completed a five-county tour to Middle-Eastern military installations. “It was a great experience. I flew in Black Hawk helicopters every day; got shot at one night – tough crowd,” he joked.
For DeGuire, performing here has become an annual event, he said. DeGuire has coordinated the comedy show with MCCS for the past three years, and plans to continue to return, he said.
Although DeGuire enjoys performing for military, because he said they “tend to be more appreciative,” he said while performing for the station audience he has to ensure that his comedy can reach a wide range of people.
“The bottom line is – funny is funny,” said DeGuire. “But for a room full Marines there are going to be people from all over the country and from all different walks of life. There is a challenge in trying to make all different types of people laugh.”
DeGuire said he changes the comedians each year to ensure the show’s material is always new and entertaining for those who continue to come back each year and he chooses his comedians based on talent.

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