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FMEAP assists separating Marines, active duty families

By Pfc. Brian J. Holloran | | July 29, 2005

While in the military, every Marine is guaranteed a job, whether that job is infantrymen, pilot, firefighter, administration clerk or reporter. As long as they wear the digital camouflaged uniform, there will always be a job. What about when that Marine leaves the service, or when that Marine’s loved ones need a job? That’s where the Family Members Employment Assistance Program comes in.

FMEAP is a program geared toward helping Marines who are separating from the Corps and family members who are looking for employment.

“Our program is meant to help the spouses and children of military members find jobs, either on base or in the community nearby,” said Local Employment Specialist Terry Peace. “We also teach separating Marines how to fill out a resume and where to look for a job.”

The program offers two resume-writing classes a month. The classes show Marines the proper way to write resumes so that the resumes shows all the Marines assets. The program also helps place station personnel and families in jobs. It receives a list from local businesses describing the positions they need filled and how much they will pay along with what benefits employees can receive. Peace keeps these forms, looking for the right person to fill each position.

“When a Marine or family member comes to me I show them all the available positions and help them decide which would be their best choice,” said Peace. “Then I arrange a interview between the company and the applicant. If all goes well they have a new job and I’ve done mine.”
If a Marine wants to work for the federal government after separating from the military, they can go through FMEAP to make applying for the position easier.

“We will help them fill out the resume and application and also send it to the federal office for them,” said Peace. “An application sent from our program holds a little more weight then if the Marines went and did it themselves. Coming from us, they know the resume and application are filled out correctly with no mistakes,” she added.

When it comes to finding spouses jobs, FMEAP has that covered too.

“We can find Marine spouses jobs on base or in town,” said Peace. “We can find two different kinds of positions on base. We have civil services, which are government jobs, like working with one of the many different services on base. We also have jobs at MCCS, which are mainly retail positions.”

The program helps people find jobs that fit their desires and their skills.

“If they need a part time job, then we get them a job at the 7-Day Store or at the exchange,” said Peace. “If they need a full time job or something more permanent we look at civil services or manager positions at the seven-day or exchange. It about finding what’s right for the applicant.”

“The Family Members Employment Assistance Program helped me get a job and make some money while my husband is deployed,” said Jillian B. Scott, an employee at the 7-Day Store and FMEAP patron. “The program also helped me meet a lot of new people and make new friends.”

The summer months are the busy time for Peace and FMEAP.

“In the months of May, June and July I usually get about 20 spouses a month looking for a job in town,” said Peace. “During those same months I get about 40 Marines separating from the Corps.”

FMEAP can assist military families before they even arrive on station.

“For spouses that know they are heading to Yuma, they can contact us online,” said Peace. “Spouses can e-mail me, there’s a link at the Web site for the station.”

The program also helps spouses of Marines leaving Yuma find jobs at the next duty station.

“When Marines leaves Yuma, their families follow them and their spouses will need jobs at the new duty station,” said Peace. “We help them make connections with the FMEAP officer there and they start processing the paperwork right away. So when (the family) arrives at the new duty station, all they have to do is go for an interview and they are set up.”

Scott said FMEAP makes life a little less stressful for the military family by removing one very stressful aspect, finding a job. The program finds jobs quickly so service members and their families don’t have to worry. 

The next resume-writing class is Aug. 17, and will be held in Building 850, at 8:00. For more information about FMEAP, and the services they provide, visit www.yuma.usmc.mil.

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