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H&HS hosts Back to School Family Picnic

By | | September 18, 2003

Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron hosted its annual Back to School Family Picnic Saturday.

All of the squadron's Marines, sailors and their families were invited to share a fun-filled day. The picnic offered about three hours of entertainment for the families starting at 4 p.m. 

Many of the families commented that this years picnic was one of the best station picnics.

"It is good, there is a lot of stuff for the children. This is definitely one of the better picnics," said Lisa C. Nelson, a Marine spouse.

"I think it's a great picnic. We came last year and it is really a lot better this year," said Sonja V. Ogaz.

The families were able to enjoy plenty of food and beverages. There were also many activities and games for the children, including a dunk tank, a children boxing ring and a baked goods auction.

There was also a live disc jockey playing music at the picnic.

"This is wonderful, I really like the music here," said Trishia R. Salyi.

The families were able to meet with one another in a fun atmosphere.

"I think it is a great way to interact with all of the families, especially the ones that just got back from the deployment," said Amanda Ortiz a Marine's wife.

This year's picnic had many young children attending.

"I love it. I have four kids, so it is great for them," said Staff Sgt. George S. Allen, an H&HS Marine. 

"I noticed that there are more kids here this year than last year. This is a really nice turnout," said Lt. Col. William C. Turner, H&HS commanding officer. 

"I was overwhelmed by the number of children here, it is wonderful. I am having a good time. I see a lot of happy faces," said Col. James J. Cooney, station commanding officer. 

Many of the children were happy with the picnic's festivities.

"I am having fun, I've played fishing and everything else here," said Christopher X. Allen, 11, son of an H&HS Marine. "My kids are having a ball," said Cristy L. Allen, wife of an H&HS Marine. 

According to Turner the squadron function was a success. "It is good to see everyone enjoying themselves," he said.

"This is the squadron's fourth party," he said. "There will be other ones. The next one will be in mid December Ñ a Christmas Party."

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