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Yuma Marine blowin' up 'Viscious'ly

By Pfc. Dustin M. Rawls | | April 20, 2005

Making use of personal talents sometimes falls to the wayside for busy Marines, but that's not the case for a few active duty and former Marines who have teamed up to form the rapidly rising rap group, Vicious.

Lance Cpl. Ramsey Flowers, Cpl. Cornelius Morgan, Cpl Gatewood Supreme and former Marine Anthony Strachan are all members of Vicious, which currently records under Vicious Records' chief executive officer, Eros.

The group is on the verge of bursting onto the frontlines of the rap game, said Flowers. Vicious has a couple of big name record companies talking about their new album, 'Vicious Project.'

"Right now, we're talking to BME and Atlantic records. We're trying to talk to as many people as we can so we can get the best deal possible," he said. "This album is kind of a joint venture between us and Michael Sterling of Darkside Entertainment, who made "Lovers and Friends" with Lil Jon, Ludacris and Usher."

Vicious is what Flowers describes as a combination of rappers from all the hot spots in the South.

"I'm from Houston, Morgan's from Atlanta, and Eros and Strachan are from Miami," he explained. "We were all doing our own thing before we hooked up, but we pretty much formed an all-star team now."

Flowers, a.k.a. X.O. Vino, appeared on two albums before joining the Corps, but said being a Marine has helped him stay dedicated to making it to the top of the rap game.

"I want to have the Marine Corps family's support. I've been a Marine while making my music and it's helped me a lot. It gives me more drive to do things I need to do," he explained.

While Flowers desires the support of his fellow Marines, he said it won't go unreturned.
"I'm talking with the United Service Organization to see about doing something with them. I want to be able to give back and do shows for the military right now, before we blow up," he said. "I don't want people to see us later and think, 'Why didn't they do a show while they were here?'"

Flowers has already done a performance for the air station and a performance with two prolific Houston rappers at 32nd Street Naval Station in San Diego.

"When I joined the Marine Corps, I met a lot more people and got to do more things," he said. "I did the show at 32nd Street in San Diego with Slim Thug and Lil Keke. I also did a show for the Battle of the Mics here in July."

Flowers, who has been rapping since age 13, said he can feel that Vicious is about to rise to the top very rapidly and has already been doing some new things to get ready for their album's possible summer release.

"I got flown to Miami by Darkside Entertainment for a photo shoot with Peter Langone, who has done photos for Donald Trump and some other people and famous company’s like Pepsi," he explained. "The shoot was to promote our upcoming album, 'Vicious Project.'"

Flowers said he really hopes for the support of his fellow Marines when the album is released, and that they can expect something very fresh and original.

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