Marine Corps adds big bonuses for critical jobs

13 Mar 2008 | Lance Cpl. Laura A. Mapes Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

The Marine Corps is offering an extra $20,000 for Marines who have critical jobs and re-enlist to stay in the operating forces while canceling Zone-A re-enlistment bonuses for many other specialties.

 According to Marine Administrative Message 153/08 released March 3, military occupational specialties now eligible for an additional $20,000 bonus are: 0231 (intelligence specialist), 0861 (fire support man), 1371 (combat engineer), 2621 (Special communications signal collection operator/analyst), 2671 (Middle Eastern cryptologic linguist), 3533 (logistics vehicle systems operator) and 5811 (military policeman).

 For the additional re-enlistment incentive, sergeants and below with those jobs must re-enlist for four years and remain in the operational forces for at least 24 months.

 The $20,000 would be in addition to the MOS's normal re-enlistment.

 For example; if an MP, sergeant or below, was to re-enlist he would get $20,000 in addition to the $34,500 offered for the MOS. However, a Marine's bonus cannot exceed $80,000 if both bonuses together were more than that.

 Previously, the Marine Corps only offered these $20,000 bonuses this fiscal year for re-enlistments in select infantry specialities.

 As of April 3, Marines with certain MOSs will not rate a Zone-A re-enlistment bonus at least until the beginning of the next fiscal year. Zone-A re-enlistment bonuses are for Marines who have between 17 months and six years in service.

 The jobs affected by this are 0121 (personnel clerk), 0161 (postal clerk), 1141 (electrician), 1361 (engineer assistant), 2161 (mechanist), 3051 (warehouse clerk), 3052 (packaging specialist), 3112 (traffic management specialist), 4412 (legal service specialist), 6072 (aircraft maintenance ground support equipment), 6073 (aircraft maintenance ground support equipment electrician), 6122 (helicopter power plants mechanic/T-58), 6124 (helicopter power plants mechanic, T-400/T-700), 6413 (aircraft navigation system technician IMA), 6432 (aircraft electrical/instrument/flight control systems technician, fixed wing, IMA), 6492 (aviation precision measurement equipment/automatic test equipment calibration and repair technician IMA), 0613 (construction wireman), 6216 (fixed-wing aircraft mechanic, KC-130), 6227 (fixed-wing aircraft power plants mechanic, F-404), 6256 (fixed-wing aircraft airframe mechanic, KC-130) and 6287 (fixed-wing aircraft safety equipment mechanic, F/A-18).

 For more information, see MarAdmin 153/08.

Marine Corps Air Station Yuma