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Yuma exchange sees regular use of price match guarantee

By Lance Cpl. Gregory Aalto | | March 11, 2010

While perhaps not widely know, a program designed to match any competitor’s price on items for sale at the exchange is widely used here.

On average, at least five products per day are being price-matched using the Marine Corps Exchange Price Match Guarantee Program, said Ruth Slaughter, customer service desk sales manager.

The advertised item being matched must be for sale within 50 miles of the exchange and items must be identical in order for a customer to get the discount.

The exchange will only mark down for customers challenging the price.

The program also extends to items which are found to be lower at the exchange or a competitor within 14 days of purchase.

Price matching will not be honored on clearance items, going-out-of-business sales, internet prices, gasoline and commissary prices.

The products most often price matched are liquor, said Slaughter. The next most popular items are electronics.

According to the Marine Corps Community Services Web site, the program is designed to help sales managers set prices on exchange products by keeping them aware of local market values.

The station MCX warns customers using the guarantee that their check-out time will likely take longer due to required price-matching paperwork.

Items with more than a $25 difference in price require a hard copy advertisement showing the other vendor’s price. While any price less will be matched based on the customer’s word, said Slaughter.

In addition to the price-match program the exchange also does not charge Yuma’s sales tax rate of 8.4 percent on its general retail products.

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