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Officer, enlisted retention surveys released for Marine Corps

By Lance Cpl. Austin Hazard | | January 28, 2010

Marines approaching the end of their terms have a chance to give their input on re-enlistment and retention incentives through two new surveys announced Jan. 19, 2010.

The fiscal year 2011 enlisted retention survey and the FY-10 officer retention survey allow Marines the chance to voice job satisfaction or dissatisfaction and how they are affected by re-enlistment incentives. Target groups for the surveys are enlisted Marines with an end of active service date between Oct. 1 and Sept. 30, 2011, and officers from second lieutenant to lieutenant colonel.

“The results will be used to help shape retention incentives and form policies in tune with Marines’ preferences, which could have a large impact on retention,” said Maj. Shawn Haney, manpower and reserve affairs spokeswoman. “Additionally, year-to-year data is used to find trends, if any, in Marines’ satisfaction and retention decisions.”

The survey includes questions on the likelihood of re-enlistment, deciding factors on that likelihood, job satisfaction and desired re-enlistment incentives, among other queries.

“New to this year are a few questions about the Post 9/11 GI Bill and language training,” said Haney. “Both surveys have space at the end for Marines to add additional comments to subjects not covered that they feel are important.”

The surveys are estimated to take five to 10 minutes for officers and 15-20 minutes for enlisted to complete.

“It is important to note that both of these surveys are completely voluntary and Marines do not have to answer any question where they don’t feel comfortable responding and, for that matter, may quit at any time,” said Haney.

Furthermore, Marines should not let outside influences affect their answers, since the surveys are anonymous. In order to verify EAS dates, enlisted Marines need to submit the last five digits of their Social Security numbers and their date of birth to access the survey. Officers can simply use their military identification cards at Common Access Card-enabled computers.

While there was no officer survey last year, approximately 4,700 Marines participated in the enlisted survey, which has been offered every year since 2001.

The surveys, available until March 31, 2010, can be accessed at www.manpower.usmc.mil/ors for officers and www.manpower.usmc.mil/ers for enlisted.

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