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Corps cuts PFTs, CFTs to one per year for all Marines

13 Aug 2009 | Lance Cpl. Graham J. Benson

The Corps announced on Aug. 10, 2009, that it’s doing away with its biannual physical fitness tests and adopting a new one PFT, one combat fitness test per year requirement.

In addition, an approved CFT scoring system was also released with Marine Administrative Message 476/09, setting the guidelines for gender and age performance requirements.

Like the PFT scoring system, 300 points is the maximum possible score for CFT, with 100 points available for each of the three events. However, the minimum first class CFT is 270, unlike the PFT, which is 225. The lowest possible score a Marine can pass with is 190 points.

Besides the new scoring system, no additional changes have been made to the CFT.

Effective immediately, Marines must run a scored CFT by Dec. 31, 2009.

In August 2008, the Marine Corps announced its intentions to increase Marines’ combat-oriented fitness training, with the CFT being its primary test.

Utilizing anaerobic or short-burst conditioning, the CFT is meant to be an accurate gauge of a Marines physical combat-readiness.

“Really, this move is the prime example of the change that’s been coming in the Marine Corps’ fitness culture for a while now,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Ferger, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron training chief.

Though the message states that all Marines must run a CFT before the end of 2009, it does not specify what provisions will be made for light-duty or pregnant Marines who cannot complete a CFT by the end of the year.

“That’s a question that no one has been able to answer yet,” said Ferger.

The change doesn’t surprise many Marines who have already altered their workouts with an emphasis on combat fitness.

“I’m not worried about running it for score,” said Cpl. Will Pitre, H&HS marksmanship instructor. “I’ve been doing a lot of (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) training, and it’s much more intense than the CFT. So, I know I’ll do well.”

Approved CFT scoring information can be found at http://www.tecom.usmc.mil/cft/cft.htm.

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