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Station Marine claims first MCI West quarterly title;;

By Lance Cpl. Timothy Stewman | | August 31, 2006

A Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron Marine was named Marine of the Quarter for the Marine Corps Installations West on Aug. 31 in a ceremony held in the station Search and Rescue hangar.

Cpl. Emily Sample, H&HS legal clerk, edged out other Marines from seven installations of MCI West, to earn Marine of the Quarter honors.

Sample, a native of Sandusky, Ohio, was awarded the first Marine of the Quarter award for MCI West. Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert, MCI West commanding general, and Sgt. Maj. Wayne Bell, MCI West sergeant major, visited the station to award Sample with Marine of the Quarter and a Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

Lehnert also pinned corporal chevrons on Sample, who received a promotion for Sept. 1.

“I think that Cpl. Sample will do an outstanding job as Marine of the Quarter for MCI West,” said Lehnert.
“The quality of the Marines of today is so phenomenal that anyone who gets this far will absolutely do a wonderful job, but I believe Sample deserved this and she will be a great non-commissioned officer as well,” said Lehnert.

To represent MCI West, a Marine has to have a lot of poise, a lot of self confidence and most of all knowledge. The Marine has to show that they have what it takes to lead their subordinates, said Lehnert. The board is not looking for someone who just comes to work every day, even if they do a good job.

The Marines in Sample’s shop are quick to give praises to her work ethic and professionalism as a Marine.

“Cpl. Sample is a very good Marine. No matter what’s going on in or out of work, she still comes to work every day with a smile on her face and gets the job done,” said Cpl. Andre Smith, administration clerk.

Sample enjoys singing and is often given opportunities to share her talent. Anytime there was an opportunity for Sample to sing she’d volunteer for it. She’s volunteered to sing at air shows on base and in the local community at a baseball game.

Sample has also volunteered for funeral details and color guard. Sample doesn’t just do the bare minimum and move on. She is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of her, said Smith.

Sample’s favorite part about being a Marine is adapting to and overcoming any situation she’s confronted with, good or bad.

“Being a Marine has taught me to get the job done no matter what,” said Sample. “Mission accomplishment is most important.”

Sample started working in the H&HS administration shop in March after coming from disbursing. She came into the administration office not knowing much in the administration field. She soon after became the legal clerk and learned one of the toughest and most strenuous jobs in the office, said Smith. She still wants to learn. She is constantly trying to better herself as Marine and as a person. As legal clerk in her shop, Sample at times has a lot on her plate.

“With working in legal, there’s so much going on that integrity is so important,” said Sample. “You really have to put your core values into use. They aren’t just words you learn in boot camp, they have substance and need to be applied accordingly.”

Sample credit’s her success to being able to stay away from negativity.

“I’ve noticed that when I’m actually motivated, it gets others motivated and I can feed off of that, said Sample.

Sample’s first plan for the future is to become a good NCO.

“It still hasn’t fully clicked that I’m a corporal. I’m going to have to become better in my leadership skills, said Sample. “When you’re a junior Marine it’s easy to criticize the NCOs over you. Now that I’m an NCO I’m going to have to not only talk about being a leader, but actually lead.”

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