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Balancing a Marine workload as a maintenance management specialist with Combat Logistics Company 16 and teaching the spinning and abdominal class at the station gym has been a typical week for Cpl. Tarah Fedor, Semper Fit fitness instructor, for the past two months. Fedor first got into teaching fitness when she was noticed by the Semper Fit staff for her enthusiasm and love of working out.

Photo by Pfc. M. Daniel Sanchez

Station Marine makes fellow leathernecks feel the burn

31 Jul 2006 | Pfc. M. Daniel Sanchez

Physical training is ingrained into the routines of all Marines the moment they step foot on the yellow footprints; running, crunches and pull ups make up the majority of that training. However, one Marine is out to change the norm and take PT to a whole new level.

Cpl. Tarah Fedor, Semper Fit fitness instructor, has been wearing out her fellow Marines and station personnel for the past two months by teaching spinning and abdominal classes Mondays at the station gym.

Spinning is an awesome cardio exercise used to strengthen the lower body and get the heart pumping, said Fedor. It can even help Marines improve their run times.

Marines tend to underestimate the class and don’t realize spinning is an intense workout that is very different from running, said Fedor, a native of Ashtabula, Ohio.

This class is definitely not easy, said Sgt. Jose Panez, class participant and coworker of Fedor, after finishing Fedor’s July 31 class.

“I can feel my legs shaking and it feels like they weigh so much right now,” he said.

Working with Marines has really helped her develop into a good instructor, said Kate Osborne, Semper Fit Health Promotions director. The experience she has developed leading Marines as a maintenance management specialist with Combat Logistics Company 16, has spilled over into her leadership of the class, and the Marines who take the class seem more interested learning from one of their own.

Fedor said she has been involved with fitness ever since she could walk. Whether it was playing in the trees or playing basketball with friends, being active and running around has always been fun, said Fedor.

Fedor first got involved with teaching on station after the Semper Fit trainers began noticing her enthusiasm and ability to learn the exercises and techniques quickly.

She began training with Susana Villarreal, Semper Fit fitness coordinator, who taught her how to conduct and create a fitness class.

It’s surprising how much work goes into leading a class, said Fedor. The trainers have to learn about sports conditioning, muscle conditioning, choreography and even psychology.

Physical training is a lot about people skills and learning how to make those people feel comfortable and enjoy the work out, said Fedor.

Making people feel good and getting them excited about the class is something Fedor is very good at, said Osborne.

“She is constantly adding new things to her class to keep it interesting and fun for her students,” said Osborne.

“She is a great instructor that loves what she does. You can tell from her work and how she works us out,” said Sgt. Vince Czyzewski, class participant.

Fedor has an insane amount of energy, said Navy Lt. Mike Prudhomme, class participant.

“I mean, I am in shape, but I don’t know how she does it. I think I am going to have to ask her,” he said.

Fedor plans to continue teaching at the gym as long as possible.

Her goal is to open a fitness club of her own with a sports bar and massage parlor, and of course, she will teach classes there.

She is also pursuing a group exercise certification through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

“I just love helping people work out because I know how much better it can make (them) feel,” said Fedor.

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