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Lt. Scott Kriss, Branch Medical Clinic military medicine flight surgeon, stuffs as many marshmallows into his mouth as a part of the marshmallow-eating competition for the BMC?s 3rd Annual Super Bowl Tailgate Party Feb. 2 here.

Photo by Cpl. Giovanni Lobello

BMC parties in the name of the Super Bowl

9 Feb 2006 | Cpl. Giovanni Lobello

The Branch Medical Clinic hosted its 3rd Annual Super Bowl Tailgate Party Feb. 2 at the BMC courtyard here.

The party allowed clinic sailors to show their individual team spirit while sporting their favorite team’s jersey.

“The party was a good morale booster,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Melissa P. Carrillo, BMC command administration and Dallas Cowboys fan. “There really hasn’t been as much team spirit as in the past, so this should help get us back on track. The party went pretty good. Everyone got involved and I think we are happy with where we are.”

Before the party began, Cmdr. Dan Cornwell, BMC officer-in-charge, gave out awards and gave plaques to those leaving the command soon.

The tailgate party was a potluck with everyone bringing a side dish complementing the hamburgers and sausages provided by the Morale Welfare and Recreation.

“We have done the event for the past three years and it’s a team-building event and reward for the staff,” said Cornwell. “This is a good, clean way for the staff to blow off a little steam.”

Petty Officer 2nd Class Ruby A. Woodall, BMC health records said, the party was a lot of fun and we were happy to be a part of it.

“Here we are like one big, happy family. This was also a good chance for everyone to dress comfortably and be individuals by showing support for their favorite team,” she added. Woodall is also a Cowboys fan and painted her face silver and blue, topped by a star for the party. “It would be nice if they can continue to come up with new games to keep the party new and fresh.”

The party featured several games, the first being a soda drinking competition, to see which participants could drink an entire can of soda the quickest.

The next game was a marshmallow-eating competition, with contestants having to shove as many marshmallows in their mouth as they can at one time.

The infamous banana-eating competition followed, which already had a predetermined winner.

“We usually pick the newest addition to the clinic, and this year, we chose (Lt. Scott Kriss, BMC, military medicine flight surgeon) to win the competition,” said Cornwell.

Cornwell said they make sure officers get involved and do silly things like participating in the banana-eating competition.

As a rite of passage, Kriss was fooled into eating 16 bananas before figuring out he was the only one actually eating bananas.

“I figured there was something up when they weren’t giving me any times and they first said the competition would only last a minute,” said Kriss. “I also figured out I was the only one participating when I started out with four bananas and then all of a sudden, I felt a bunch of bananas in front of me.”

The tailgate party was capped with the newly-added egg toss game.

“This was something new and different where the winner won a 72-hour liberty,” said Cornwell.

Cornwell added, he enjoys having the party and hopes staff members of the clinic do as well.
“It’s all about having good, clean fun,” said Cornwell. “This is really a great group that works hard and plays hard -- they deserve it.”
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