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BMC holds idea expo for patients and staff;

16 Feb 2006 | Cpl. Giovanni Lobello

The Branch Medical Clinic held its first patient/staff idea expo Jan. 31 at the air station.

BMC held the expo in order to get ideas from patients and staff on how to improve the clinic.

Cmdr. Dan Cornwell, BMC officer in charge, stood in front of the BMC main entrance taking suggestions from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cornwell greeted incoming patients as they entered and informed them about the idea expo and welcomed their opinion about their visit to the clinic.

“Today is our improvement day and we just want to know what we can do better,” said Cornwell. “I would like ideas from the beneficiaries in what area we can improve. It’s not only limited to criticism. They can also tell us what we are doing right. This is their one chance to say whatever they really feel without any retribution. If we have a dumb rule that’s blocking the patient from getting what they need, then we would like to know.”

The clinic has always had a commentary box available the to clinic’s faculty and patients.

“I wanted to create a little more personal interaction between the patients and staff than just the box,” said Cornwell.

“I thought it was a really good idea for them to have the (officer-in-charge) taking suggestions to improve the clinic,” said Sgt. Sarah Scozee, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting recovery. “I think they should continue to keep giving patients the opportunity to write down suggestions.”

Like any other facility, they are always looking for a better way of conducting business, added Cornwell.

“I thought the service at the facility us great,” said Army Spec. Tiffany Blanchett, 2 Battalion 224 Aviation Regiment, petroleum supply and native of Richmond, Va. “The facility is very clean and the staff was friendly. It is very good overall.”

Categories for the idea expo ranged from appointments, pharmacy, staffing, equipment and many other aspects of the clinic.

One of the complaints about the clinic was lack of personnel.

“Not that this is a good excuse, but recently our manpower has received a big hit because of deployments,” said Cornwell. “So we are just trying to (make) do with what we have.”

As a part of the idea expo, Cornwell also wanted full participation from the clinic staff.

“We wanted to give the staff members the opportunity to voice their opinion without feeling threatened,” said Cornwell.

“I really think the idea expo should be continued,” said Lt. Scott Kriss, BMC, military medicine flight surgeon. “I also liked the fact that the suggestions could be anonymous. It would also be good if it could be set up on a regular basis. This way patients, know when they can give their suggestions. But I liked that they broke it down into so many categories and people seemed to contribute to all of them.”

The clinic still has the suggestion box that is open to comments. The clinic also anticipates hosting the idea expo either quarterly or semi-annually.
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