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PMO’s Miramar replacements to return to home soon

By Pfc. Brian J. Holloran | | August 28, 2005

The military patrolmen from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Calif., as well as the reserve Marines that were activated prior to Marine Wing Support Squadron 371 getting deployed to Iraq, will be returning to their homes now that MWSS-371 has began to return to theirs.
With the return of the Provost Marshal’s Office Marines with MWSS-371, the MP’s on station will be returning to full force, which means the 20 Miramar Marines and the eight reserve Marines can return home shortly.

The 20 Marines from MCAS Miramar arrived on station May 1, and will remain here through Oct., said Master Sgt. Anna H. Muldowney, service chief and acting provost sergeant.

“The Marines from MCAS Miramar were scheduled to return to Miramar on October first,” said Muldowney, a Boston native. “However we are still in need of the extra Marines until all of MWSS-371 returns from leave.”

When MWSS-371 left, they took 51 military patrolmen with them leaving only 31 to watch over the entire air station, according to Muldowney.
The augmented Marines that have been sent here have been put to work in many different positions.

The eight reservists were activated March 19 and were then refreshed on some of the training involved with MP work.

“I was asked if I wanted to volunteer to be activated,” said Sgt. Luis G. Menchaca, an armorer with PMO Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron. “ I decided that if I could help out then, why not. After I was activated I was at Miramar for a few months. While I was there I was basically re-trained.”

“We have placed the augmented Marines in every job here,” said Muldowney. “We have them at the gates, they are patrolling, we have them in our armory, at pass and registration, and we have a couple out at Barry Goldwater Range. They are everywhere we can use them.”

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen the Miramar guys working in many different posts,” said Cpl. Cynthia Soto, a MP augmented here from MCAS Miramar PMO H&HS and native of San Diego. “I’ve worked vehicle registration here, and I help the Criminal Investigation Division anytime there is a female suspect.”

Even though MWSS-371 is slated to return Sept. 9-15 the Miramar Marines are going to be staying a little longer.

Cpl. Devin E. Buzzard, an MP augmented form MCAS Miramar, and native of Clarion, Pa, enjoyed his stay here in Yuma and will remain here through the month of October with no hard feelings.

“I have no problem staying here until the end of October,” said Buzzard. “I think it’s good to be able to help out in the places I’m needed while other Marines do the same. That’s just how the Marine Corps is.”
Every Marine we received here, from Miramar and the reserve Marines, are all qualified with the pistol and (M-16A2 service rifle),” said Muldowney. “They are all gun toting Marines.”

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