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Yuma Infinities hosts super bowl party

By Sgt. M. Trent Lowry | | January 30, 2003

The primal shouts of triumph and the crisp reports of high-fives caused a cacophonous roar at Infinities Sunday as hundreds of Marines and their guests watched the spectacle that was Super Bowl XXXVII.

The crowd was energetic as they absorbed the sights and sounds of the biggest professional football game of the year in the comfortable and energized Infinities environment.

"I like the atmosphere," said Lance Cpl. Corey Schuster, a pay clerk at station disbursing. "Everybody is very enthusiastic about the team they're backing. I'm going for the (Tampa Bay) Buccaneers because I don't like the (Oakland) Raiders."

Though the crowd seemed to be in overwhelming favor of the NFC champion Buccaneers, especially after Tampa's defense helped them build a 34-3 advantage, there were still stallwart fans of the Raiders showing their support.

"I was born a Raider," said Sgt. Jose Avalos, power plants mechanic with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron-13. "I'm true to the 'Black and Silver.' I guess everyone has to take a butt-kicking sometimes."

Avalos' fellow Raiders fan, retired Gunnery Sgt. Bruno Ramirez, a computer technician at Yuma Union High School, brought his girlfriend Lupita Ortega to Infinities to share the Marine atmosphere with her on Super Sunday.

"It's always a good time right here," Ramirez said. "It's a great environment, being around Marines. I always miss that."

The employees of Infinities were getting into the spirit of the festivities, as well.

"The business has been good here, and it's made better because the Marines like to have fun," said Jessica Arce, an Infinities waitress.

While 50-yard line luxury box seats may have been the very best place to watch the NFL championship game, the Super Bowl party at Infinities was the optimal choice for many of the Marines.

"The Super Bowl didn't fall on a pay day weekend, so the free food and inexpensive drinks make this very economical," Schuster said. "Plus, it's close to home and I'm not planning on staying out too late."

By the time Tampa Bay nickel cornerback Dwight Smith picked off his second interception of the game   Oakland quarterback Rich Gannon's record-setting fifth pick thrown  and ran it back for a late touchdown and a 48-21 final score, the crowd at Infinities had thinned out a bit, but the hard-core fans of both teams stuck around until the final whistle blew and the Buccaneers were named World Champions.

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