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2002 CFC campaign kicks off

17 Oct 2002 | Lance Cpl. Kevin Paul

Coordinators for the Combined Federal Campaign held a luncheon here Oct. 8 at the Sonoran Pueblo Club.

The event was held to kick off the 2002 campaign. The six week fund raiser will continue until Nov. 22.

"(The coordinators) do initial training for all the CFC key workers out in town," said Maj. Robert M. Lack, the local Federal Coordinating Committee chairman. "We hand out all the key material they need to run their campaign. (The luncheon is) to create an awareness for the commands and agencies, so they'll take a better interest in making sure we have 100 percent contact with their subordinates."

Established in 1961, the CFC is a Department of Defense-wide once-a-year campaign to provide Federal employees the chance to give financial support to their favorite charitable organizations.

"The CFC is the only real charitable campaign that Marines can give to on station besides the Navy Relief Fund," said Lack.

According to Lack, if Marines on station want to donate to the fund-raiser, all they have to do is locate their squadron's campaign key worker to get the process started. The key worker gives the donators a booklet or card to select the charities they want to donate toward, like Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Yuma, United Way of Yuma or hundreds of other local and national charities.

The Marine then has the choice of making a one-time cash donation or having a fixed allotment taken out of their paychecks.

"It's very simple," said Lack. "Just fill out the card, and it gets taken out of your pay by disbursement, and it's tax deductible."

Lack said a donation could be as low as a dollar a month.

"We have the statistics of what a dollar could do for an organization overseas," said Lack. "A dollar can buy a lot of food for the people overseas."

The goal for the Yuma CFC is to raise over $155,000, said 1st Lt. Donald R. Mayo, station adjutant.

"Last year's goal was $150,000, but we raised $152,000," said Lack. "One of the things that makes America great is that we have people that are willing to help out people who are less fortunate."

According to Mayo, the station plans to raise more than $80,000, half of the total goal set by the CFC this year.

"One of the reasons why we raise so much money is because we have the overwhelming amount of Federal employees in the Yuma area," said Mayo. "All the other agencies in the Yuma area definitely raise their fair share of the money, but our participation is vital. The Marines make such a large chunk of the money raised for the CFC because of their generosity."

For further information, visit the CFC home page at www.opm.gov/cfc or contact your unit's campaign key worker.

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