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Outstanding spouses honored

14 Nov 2002 | Lance Cpl. Kevin Paul

The Family Advocacy Program held a special luncheon at the Sonoran Pueblo club on station Oct. 25 to announce the winners of their Spouse of the Year award.

FAP held the event to recognize the exceptional spouses on station, and the hard work they put in as military wives, said Gail Perry, prevention and education specialist with FAP and event coordinator.

"The award is to recognize the special things that the spouse does in support of the Marine's career and family," said Perry. "Even though this is a challenging life, you can make it work well for you and your family."

The winners were broken up into three categories. Cheryl Ann Primeaux, who is married to Marine Aircraft Group-13 Chaplain Lt. Joseph R. Primeaux, won in the officer's category. Jody Senecal, married to Gunnery Sgt. Marc Senecal, ordinance quality assurance representative at Marine Attack Squadron-211, won in the staff non-commissioned officer's category. And, Julie Beth Trent, who is married to Cpl. Jared Trent, an intelligence analyst at MAG-13, won in the enlisted category.

"I was very surprised," said Senecal. "I had no idea my husband had submitted me. My husband told me he was taking me to lunch, and I found out when I got there that I won the award. It was the ultimate compliment."

Senecal wasn't the only one surprised by the award.

"I'm flattered that my husband would submit me for it," said Trent, the mother of two young children. "I've heard of it, but I didn't know my husband had entered me in it."

Spouses who participated in the contest had to receive a nomination from their husband. They were judged on several categories including community involvement, volunteer work, family support, special skills and previous awards and accomplishments by a panel of six judges made up of station Marines and their wives.

"I see all the stuff she puts up with and all the things she volunteers for, and I think she deserves it," said Senecal.

This is the second year FAP has held the contest, which is held in conjunction with Domestic Violence Prevention Month in October.

"We do two things during the month," said Perry. "We try to raise awareness regarding issues of abuse and domestic violence in the family. But also, we want to promote the positive aspects of (military) relationships and acknowledge where things are working well."

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