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Spirit of Halloween Shows Its Face during 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat

By Story by Lance Cpl. Isaac Martinez | Marine Corps Air Station Yuma | December 29, 2017


MARINE CORPS AIR STATION Yuma, Ariz. (Oct. 26, 2017) – A frightened child’s shriek briefly pierces the sound of music, the crackle of children grabbing candy and laughter from parents on the parade deck aboard Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma’s Trunk or Treat event on Thursday night. The child’s parents try to calm him from his recent scare; a costumed monster in a car’s decorated trunk. The music plays on and everybody continues to enjoy the event.

The family-oriented Trunk or Treat event is open to active duty military, Department of Defense employees and their dependents. This is the third year that the event has taken place aboard MCAS Yuma and this year’s turnout was the biggest thus far.

Nadia Orozco, the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Specialist with MCAS Yuma’s Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) participated in the organization of this year’s event and was pleased with the result.

“This is the first event where we got unit participation: several units offered engaging Trunk or Treat booths to the families,” said Orozco. “This is actually a very impressive event for MCCS because this is where we get the most unit participation. To see this big of a turnout is beyond our expectations for what we ever imagined this event would ever be.”

The parade deck was filled with Halloween-themed booths, which allowed MCCS and other community resources to promote their programs to the adults, and also provide free candy and games to children during the event. In addition to the sweet treats, Arizona Adventures provided several bounce houses, and Sunset Cinema showed a family movie after sunset. All in all, the Trunk or Treat event was centered on family fun.

Trunk or Treat is a collaborative event in honor of Red Ribbon Week, an alcohol, tobacco, drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October.

On MCAS Yuma, the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program, Sexual Assault Prevention Program, Drug Demand Reduction Program, and the Marine Corps Family Team Building Program all come together in an effort to help the community in the name of Red Ribbon Week.

Kassandra Rodriguez, the Students against Destructive Decisions (SADD) program coordinator at the local YMCA, was one of the volunteers present at the Trunk or Treat event this year. Rodriguez said she enjoyed being able to inform the community of important issues.

“We actually recognize a lot of the kids because a lot of their families go to the YMCA,” Rodriguez said. “It’s always great to come out and take part in helping out the community and getting to see everybody.”

MCAS Yuma and MCCS Yuma hope that next year’s Trunk or Treat will continue to meet their goal: to provide a safe, fun, positive influence on all members of MCAS Yuma and local community members.

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