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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

The Corps' Premier Aviation Training Facility

Air Traffic Control Division
Air Traffic Control (ATC) is responsible for the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of all military and civilian air traffic operating into and out of MCAS Yuma / Yuma International Airport assigned National Airspace and designated Special Use Airspace. The Control Tower Branch is responsible for aircraft operating both on the airfield, and within MCAS Yuma's Class "D" airspace, which extends to a five nautical miles radius from the center of the air station from surface to 2,700ft MSL.
The Radar Branch is designated a Combined Center and Radar Approach Control (CERAP) Facility by CNO and is responsible for 8, 107 square miles of airspace generally within a 60 nautical mile radius of the air station from the surface to 23,000ft MSL and within designated Special Use Airspace up to 80,000ft MSL. ATC is developing procedures and training new personnel to acquire an additional 6, 843 square miles of Special Use Airspace near El Centro and 29 Palms, CA.
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