Unit HomeResourcesStation OrdersA. SSIC 1000-1999 MILITARY PERSONNEL
1.  StaO_1020.1X Station Uniform Regulations 

2.  StaO_1050.2T Leave and Liberty Regulations

3.  STAO_1300.1 Temporary Collateral Duties for MCAS Yuma

4.  StaO_1301.21 Assumption of Command

5.  StaO_1320.1D Personnel Sponsorship Program

6.  StaO_1320.3D MCAS Yuma Temporary Additional Duty (TAD)

7.  StaO_1430.1M Meritorious Promotion to Sergeant, Corporal, Lance Corporal and Private First Class

8.  StaO_1540.1A_ Standing Operating Procedures for Rappelling

9.  StaO_1601.1A_ Command Border Liaison Program

10. StaO_1601.6S Station Command Duty Officer (CDO)

11. STAO_1620.1C Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board

12. StaO_1620.3H Policy on Handling Dishonored Checks

13. StaO_1640.1B Emergency Bills

14. StaO_1650.2A NCO of the Quarter, Year and MOQ, MOY Program

15. StaO_1650.5L Administrative Procedures for Processing Decorations, Medals and Awards

16. StaO_1650.6A_ Senior and Junior Sailor of the Quarter Program

17. StaO_1700.24B_ Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Substance Abuse Program

18. StaO_1700.2U Request Mast

19. StaO_1700.8A MCCS Multi-Disciplinary Council

20. StaO_1710.1 Standing Operating Procedures for Supplemental Programs and Services

21. StaO_1710.18C Children Youth and Teen Program (CYPT) Parent Advisory Board (PAB)

22. StaO_1710.19D Family Child Care (FCC) Program Policy

23. StaO_1710.30C_ Standing Operating Procedure for Child Development Center

24. StaO_1710.31B_ Child, Youth and Teen Programs (CYPT) Multi-Disciplinary Inspection Team

25. StaO_1710.32B_ Standard Operating Procedures on Care of Children with Special Needs in Child Development Programs

26. StaO_1720.7M_ Welcome Aboard Program

27. StaO_1730.1H_ Chapel Usage

28. StaO_1730.2D_ Command Religious Program

29. StaO_1730.5A_ Establishment of Chapel Advisory Groups for MCAS Yuma, AZ

30. StaO_1730.6B_ Marriage Preparation Workshop

31. StaO_1730.7A_ Chaplain RP Area Coordination in MCAS Yuma Area

32. StaO_1740.1H Solicitation and the Conduct of Personal Commercial Affairs Aboard MCAS Yuma

33. StaO_1742.1A Station Voting Assistance Program

34. STAO_1746.2W Control of Alchohol Beverages

35. StaO_1746.7N Constitution, By-Laws and House Rules for Staff NCO Club

36. StaO_1752.3 Family Advocacy Program

37. StaO_1754.1A Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)

38. StaO_1754.3 Transition Assistance Management (TAMP) Program

39. StaO_1754.4_ Household Goods Temporary Loan Program